2022 FIFA World Cup Betting Prediction: Messi's and Argentina Chances to Win

2022 FIFA World Cup Betting Prediction: Messi’s and Argentina Chances to Win

Argentinian super star player Lionel Messi, regarded as the greatest soccer player in history, has one final chance to win a World Cup. The 35-year-old will put on an Argentina kit this November. Unless something crazy happens, the Qatar World Cup will be Messi’s last. Messi and Argentina offer +800 odds. Do the odds correctly identify Argentina’s chances of lifting the Cup? Check out reasons why Argentina is a good team to back at the odds, why they aren’t, and a final FIFA World Cup Odds analysis.  

Messi’s Real Chances of Lifting the World Cup in His Final Try | Soccer Betting

2022 Qatar World Cup

  • When: Nov. 21 – Dec. 18

Why Messi and Argentina are a good choice at their current +800 odds to win the WC

In 2014, the year most believed Argentina was good enough to win the World Cup, Messi was in his prime. But although the team finished in second place, the squad wasn’t nearly as talented as the 2022 Argentinian team.

During the 2014 World Cup tournament, the team relied too much on Lionel. You can’t win a World Cup relying so much on a single player. It doesn’t matter if the player you are relying in is the most gifted of all time.

The 2022 Argentinian squad won’t even rely on Messi to be the best player on the pitch. That distinction will fall to 24-year-old Lautaro Martinez.

28-year-old Paula Dybala is great. So is 23-year-old Nicolas Gonzalez. This Argentina team is loaded. +800 is a gift.

Why Messi and Argentina aren’t a good choice at their current +800 odds to win the WC

In 1986, it took Diego Maradona and the hand of god incident for the Argentinians to pull it out their last World Cup victory. 

That’s not to say Argentina won’t win the World Cup. It is to say +800 odds make them an underlay. Yes, Argentina has a great team with a lot of young players. 

Young is the optimal word. Young doesn’t always translate to success. 

Again, it doesn’t mean Argentina won’t win. It does mean you should ask for better odds than +800 before backing Messi and his crew.  

Final Odds Analysis: Are Messi and Argentina a good bet at +800 to win the Qatar World Cup?

The key for Argentina will be how well Messi, their captain, keeps the team together. Lionel won’t be counted on to score goals, Martinez and Dybala will be in charge of kicking the ball into the net, but Messi and Angel Di Maria, Argentina’s other elder statesman, must keep the young players on the same page.

In 2021, we got a glimpse of how this would work. In the 1-0 victory over rival Brazil at the Copa America, Messi played a secondary role. He played a true captain’s role, keeping everyone on the same page.

Once Di Maria knocked in a goal at the twenty-second minute, Lionel instructed his team on the pitch, telling them to keep it together on defense to ensure Neymar and his buddies couldn’t score the equalizer.

So that’s the real question. If Messi can keep his team together and on the same page, there’s no reason Argentina can’t win the World Cup. If that’s the case, +800 are fair odds

France, England, and Brazil have as many question marks, if not more, than Argentina. +800 on a team where the greatest player in the world doesn’t have to be the greatest player on the pitch to win is more than fair. 

Argentina Fair Odds: Yes


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