World Series MVP Expert Predictions

Written by on October 25, 2016

Outside of who will eventually win the World Series, the biggest discussion among bettors is generally in regards to who will be named the MVP. It’s one of the more difficult prop bets to predict, which is perhaps why so many people play it in hopes of getting bragging rights, as well as a pretty nice chunk of change in return. Because of the difficulty in picking the MVP, the betting odds tend to be very good indeed, and it’s worth having a little shot at making the prediction, as it can give you bankroll a nice boost if you get it right. Chances are, the MVP will come from the team that wins the World Series, so you can narrow down your options if you are convinced that either the Cubs or the Indians are a shoe-in.  Let’s take a look at the candidates first, after which I will make my prediction for World Series MVP.

In Depth Analysis On The World Series MVP Expert Predictions


Kris Bryant

This young man has been a revelation since his arrival in the big leagues, and he is playing out of his skin in this postseason. Kris Bryant has put together a .333 batting average through the playoffs, whilst also chipping in a home run. He has had some strikeout issues, but if he maintains that average through the World Series, there is a better than average chance that he will have his name on the MVP Award.

Jon Lester

Cole Hamels and Madison Bumgarner have proven that a starting pitcher can also be given the MVP nod, but the fact that those are the only two guys to have had that distinction since 2004 suggests that Lester might be a longshot pick. He is definitely a big game pitcher, and he will have a shot at this if he gets to take the mound twice in this series. If the Cubs sweep, you can forget about any pitcher getting the MVP nod.

Andrew Miller

The Indians have made it this far because they have a pitching staff that has dominated the postseason. They have been particularly strong in the bullpen, and there has been none stronger than reliever Andrew Miller. Over 11.2 innings of postseason work, Miller has a 0.00 ERA, and has surrendered just 5 hits, whilst also striking out 21. If the Indians win this thing, it will be because of pitching, and you would expect that Miller would play a major role.

Corey Kluber

Again, if the Indians win, my money would be on a member of the pitching staff getting the MVP. Corey Kluber has made 3 starts in the postseason, and has only given up 2 earned runs, both of which came in a single game versus the Jays. He has a 1.59 ERA in those starts, striking out 20 batters in the process.I am going to go outside of these four for my MVP pick. I believe that the Cubs will win this in six, simply because they have too much power in the line-up. I’m taking Anthony Rizzo as the MVP. He has a .289 career batting average against the Indians, and I believe he is going to get hot in the World Series.