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NBA’s Best Home Teams To Bet On

Written by on February 5, 2016

Every team in the NBA knows that it is essential to have a solid record at home in order to make the playoffs, and a few teams have turned their buildings into something of a fortress. Winning on the road is tough, and only 8 teams are over .500 away from home. When you see that there are, as of Thursday, February 4, a total of 23 teams with a winning record at home, you get a pretty clear understanding of why home teams are routinely installed as the favorite when the online sportsbook odds for each game are released. Some home teams are better bets than others, though, so let’s take a look at some of your best NBA home bets.

Who Are A Safe NBA Home Bet

Two Teams on the Road to Perfection

The San Antonio Spurs and Golden State Warriors are in possession of the best overall records in the league, and it has been their play on home court that has helped them get there. The Spurs have won a ridiculous 27 straight home games this season, and have done so in some considerable style, posting a margin of victory of 16.6 PPG. The Golden State Warriors are a perfect 22-0 at home, and they are also sporting an MOV of over 16 PPG. While these two teams are pretty much a lock at home, getting them at great odds might be tough.

A Closer Look at Margin Of Victory

As we said at the start of this piece, there are a lot of teams who are able to turn home court advantage into a winning record. Since betting and making money involves looking for value, you will want to find teams that win in comfortable style, as this may also allow you to bet on those teams to cover when they are playing at home. The Spurs and Warriors are the only two teams to have an average margin of victory in the double digits.The next best team in that category are the Oklahoma City Thunder. OKC have won 82.8% of their home games this season, and have done so with an MOV of 9.8 PPG. The Cleveland Cavaliers and Toronto Raptors both have solid winning home records, and they also both have a margin of victory over 7 PPG, making them pretty solid bets.

Losing Teams That Win At Home

If you are looking for odds that deliver value, why not be on the lookout for teams with a losing record overall that are able to win regularly at home. The Charlotte Hornets are the pick of this bunch. They are currently a game under .500, but have compiled a pretty good 17-8 record on home court, with an MOV of 5.1 PPG. One of the biggest surprises in this group of teams is the New Orleans Pelicans. They are just 18-31 on the season overall, but have somehow been able to put together a winning record on home court. There are a number of teams that just seem more comfortable at home. Discover those teams, and you can start to cash winning tickets on a regular basis.