NBA Betting News: 2021 Trade Rumors and Deadline

NBA Betting News: 2021 Trade Rumors and Deadline

Written by on January 19, 2021

We are still very early in the 72-game NBA season, but we have already seen moves being made, most notably with James Harden going to the Brooklyn Nets in a mega-deal, as well as trade rumors circulating all over the place. The NBA trade deadline is still a couple of months away, but that does not mean that we aren’t already seeing teams looking to make a deal. For some, it’s about getting rid of players who are proving to be a problem, while others are looking to fill holes that have been identified in the early going. Let’s take a look at some trade rumors that might well become a reality over the next couple of months so you can plan ahead your bets and place them against their NBA odds.

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One move that could come sooner rather than later, with the Cleveland Cavaliers already looking to move on from Kevin Porter Jr. In just his second season in the league, it already looks as though Porter Jr. has outstayed his welcome in Cleveland. Off the court issues have plagued the 20-year-old this season and he has yet to take the court. He did, though, return to the team last week, but immediately threw a tantrum after discovering that his locker had been moved. The Cavaliers are reportedly done and looking to deal Porter Jr. but will there be any suitors. He may end up being waived.

Kyrie Irving is another player who is proving to be problematic, missing time with the Nets due to undisclosed personal reasons. The arrival of Harden may be a sign that Brooklyn is ready to move on, with some rumors suggesting that Irving could be on his way to New Orleans. Some of the names mentioned in a potential trade include JJ Redick and Eric Bledsoe, as well as future draft picks. This would be a shocker of it did indeed happen.

The Miami Heat made it to the NBA Finals last season and feel that they are close to putting together a championship winning team. The rumor is that they want to bring in another big-name player, with Bradley Beal of the Washington Wizards being the one that seems to be getting mentioned the most often. Beal did request a trade this offseason, but still remains in Washington for now. It could well be that the Wizards are waiting for a deal that would make them want to bite and move the best player they have on their roster.

Another reason why teams may be looking to make a trade is to rid themselves of big contracts attached to veteran players. There are several of those out there, so lets’ talk about those for a moment. The following players are perhaps more likely to stay until the end of the season and make a move then, but if a good deal comes along, some team on the brink of making a run might bite closer to the deadline. These players include the like of Al Horford of the Thunder, Blake Griffin of the Pistons, and Kevin Love of the Cavaliers. These are players to watch as the deadline approaches.


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