NBA Championship Odds and Picks: Forget the Odds, Wich team is Favorite to Win?

NBA Championship Odds and Picks: Forget the Odds, Wich team is Favorite to Win?

Over the course of a 7-game playoff series, you tend to see teams adjust from game to game, as playing the same type of ball every night usually doesn’t work very well over the long haul After a comfortable win in Game 1, the Nuggets didn’t have to change much of anything, but the Miami Heat did, and the changes they made paid off in a big way, as they won Game 2 by a score of 111-108, handing the Nuggets their first home loss of the postseason. The action will now shift to Miami for Game 3, but can Denver make changes to counter what the Heat did to them last night?


NBA Betting Analysis: Who will really win the Championship after watching Game 2


How Did Miami Change Things Up in Game 2?

There were a couple of things that stood out when looking at the second game of the series, the first of which was the way in which Miami defended Nikola Jokic, who had a triple-double in Game 1. They allowed him to shoot more, while limiting his ability to play the role of creator by limiting his passing. That, doubled with Miami getting more aggressive in the paint on the attacking side of things, made the difference, allowing them to come from behind to get the win.

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Is This Now A Test For Denver?

Throughout the playoffs, the Nuggets have opened each series by winning their opening 2 games at home. Going on the road up 2-0 instead of giving up the split and losing home court advantage is a very different kettle of fish. Rather than being in total control, the Nuggets will now need to figure out a way to counter the Heat and get a win on the road. While they would like to win both games, a split in Miami would mean getting home court advantage back, which has to be goal #1 heading into Games 3 and 4.

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What Happens the Rest of the Way?

After watching how Game 1 played out, the general feeling was that the Nuggets might get the job done rather quickly They still might, as the loss at home in Game 3 of the NBA Finals might well serve as a wake-up call and make this team aware that they are not necessarily going to have it all their way. Given what the Heat have done this postseason, beating teams who are, on paper at least, much better than them should have made us all aware that they would not go down without a fight.

The question now is whether that Game 2 win is going to be the equivalent of poking the bear and prompting the Nuggets to step it up a gear, which I believe they have the potential to do. The Heat need to be as close to perfect as it gets through the rest of this series if they are to spring the upset, but I am not so sure that they can do that, especially with 3 games potentially to come in Denver, Game 3 might well prove to be the key to the entire series. If the Nuggets win it, I think they then roll to the championship.


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