NBA Championship Odds Update: Warriors Have Best Record in the League After Beating the Suns

NBA Championship Odds Update: Warriors Have Best Record in the League After Beating the Suns

Every team has played over 30 of their 82 games, so we’re starting to see what teams will be the contenders, and which ones will be the pretenders. Injuries and players missing time due to being in the league’s healthy and safety protocol have hindered the results of the regular season thus far, and it could have a lasting impact on the rest of the season. We’re hoping that things get back to normal, but we may have a while to wait before that happens. In the meantime, here are some of the favorites along with their odds to win the NBA Championship

Week 11: Updated NBA Championship Odds

Brooklyn Nets +250

Even without Kyrie Irving, and with Kevin Durant having missed the last few games due to being in the league’s health and safety protocol, the Nets are still the favorite to win this year’s NBA title. With Kyrie Irving coming back to play in road games once he gets out of the COVID protocol, the Nets will be that much stronger.

The Nets still have Kevin Durant and James Harding to carry the offense, so they aren’t hurting to score. Brooklyn has also played some very good defense this season. The Nets have a very good road record as well, and that could be a huge factor when they get to the playoffs.

Golden State Warriors +550

After beating the Phoenix Suns on Christmas day, the Warriors now own the best record in the NBA. Steph Curry is the league’s MVP at this point in the season, and Draymond Green is showing everyone why he is such an important piece of the Warriors team. Even though Golden State will be missing some key players due to COVID for the next few days, we look for them to still stay at or near the top of the Western Conference standings.

Milwaukee Bucks +700

Now that Giannis Antetokounmpo is back from being in the league’s COVID protocol, the Bucks are finally back to near full strength. Donte DiVicenzo is back, and the only major piece that is missing is Brook Lopez. With Giannis looking like his old self, the Eastern Conference has been put on notice.

Phoenix Suns +900

Chris Paul is leading the Suns on a run towards an NBA title. With Paul, a healthy Devin Booker, Mikael Bridges, DeAndre Ayton, and the rest of the supporting cast playing at a high level, the Suns can beat anyone. Paul and the gang know that they wasted a huge opportunity last season, and they don’t want to do that again. 

Los Angeles Lakers +1100

The oddsmakers just can’t let LeBron James go. James is still playing well, but he doesn’t have the supporting cast to get back to the finals. Anthony Davis will be out for an extended amount of time, the Russell Westbrook experiment hasn’t worked out well, and the aging Lakers can’t stop anyone from scoring. Unless Rob Pelinka finds a way to unload Westbrook for some assets, we just can’t see the Lakers making a huge impact come playoff time.


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