NBA Eastern Conference Odds Update Milwaukee Betting Favorite, Boston Could Take the Title Too

NBA Eastern Conference Odds Update: Milwaukee Betting Favorite, Boston Could Take the Title Too

In looking at the Eastern Conference playoffs, there are five teams who have a legitimate shot of winning the conference championship. This conference was highly contested up until the final regular-season game.

One of the top contenders will be eliminated after the first series, but we could have a great set of semifinals matchups. Let’s take a look at the top contenders, along with their NBA Conference Odds to win the Eastern Conference title, and clinch an NBA Finals berth.

Updated Eastern Conference Championship Odds and Top Contenders | NBA Playoffs Betting

Milwaukee Bucks +450

Even though they’re the 3 seed, they still have the best odds to win the East. The Bucks seemed to have peaked at the right time. They have good depth, two good post defenders, and they’re one of the most athletic teams in the league.

Giannis Antetokoounpo has reached another level, and he looks nearly impossible to guard right now. He’s been shooting better from the perimeter, and if he can continue to hit those shots, he’s hard to stop. With Khris Middleton and Jrue Holiday also playing well, this team looks like a team that can win it all.

Boston Celtics +800

The Celtics currently hold a 1-0 lead over the Brooklyn Nets in their best-of-seven series. Jayson Tatum is a man on a mission. He wants to be known as one of the top five players in the league.

Along with Jalen Brown, the Celtics have one of the best scoring duos in the league. We have yet to mention that Boston’s switching style of defense is one of the hardest to solve in the league.

If Tatum and Brown continue to play well, and teams aren’t able to score on their defense, Boston has a great shot at winning the East.

Miami Heat +900

Speaking of defense, the Miami Heat can also play some great defense. They held Trae Young to just eight points in Game 1 of their series with the Atlanta Hawks. With Bam Adebayo able to guard any position on the floor, it makes Miami much more versatile on the defensive end.

PJ Tucker is also a very versatile defender. Jimmy Butler looked like the version that led the Heat to the Finals in the bubble. If he continues to play like that, look out for Miami!

Brooklyn Nets +1200

Even though they lost their first game, Kyrie Irving put up 39 points, and Kevin Durant scored 23. These two are a tough combination to stop. If Brooklyn can get more contributions from Seth Curry, Andre Drummond, and Goran Dragic, they’ll be right there at the end.

Either Brooklyn or Boston will be done after this round, so the winner will be headed into the semifinals battered and tired.

Philadelphia 76ers +1400

As of now, no team has been able to stop Joel Embiid. When he is on, the Sixers are hard to beat. While James Harden has the reputation for not showing up in the playoffs, this is his chance to shake that reputation.

If Harden and Embiid are both playing well, and Tobias Harris and Tyrese Maxey are on their games, Philadelphia can beat anyone.


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