Top 2021 NBA Preseason Betting Picks for the Week

Top 2021 NBA Preseason Betting Picks for the Week

In just eight days, the NBA season is going to begin. It’s a lot closer than many folks realize as the NFL continues to go full tilt. They are about to finish week 5, while basketball is so near it can almost be smelled.

With preseason starting to wind down, let’s look at some games that you can win some easy cash by betting against the NBA Preseason odds. Because there are certainly plenty of them.

NBA Betting Analysis for the Best Preseason Games of the Week

Raptors Over Rockets – Monday

Sure, anything can happen in games being played right now. But teams laden with youth and trying to figure out rotations will not beat teams with established cores and less players trying to learn their system. That is what gives the Raptors such an advantage here, even with Pascal Siakam not expected to suit up at all.

Toronto went from having the worst big men in the league at the start of last year to a very respectable number of players now. Khem Birch, Precious Achiuwa, Freddie Gillespie, and also Chris Boucher. They will get Siakam back at some point, and it’s worth noting that all of these guys are good enough to play. They can all block shots.

Houston knows they have a stud in Jalen Green. They are still feeling out their other rookies. They won’t have enough in the tank to defeat Toronto, but they will make the game fun to watch.

Knicks Over Pistons – Wednesday

When watching any team coached by Tom Thibodeau, there is always one thing that will be true. He will run his favorite players into the ground. It didn’t provide any issues last year, but it may this time around. Julius Randle logged 30 minutes in three-quarters of New York’s preseason opener.

That may happen again as New York looks to shore up their chemistry and rotations ahead of the opening night next week. They will get this win without a doubt because they will sort of be going for it. A preseason win still yields excitement, especially when a lot of young guys will be on the floor to close things out.

As for Detroit, they have Cade Cunningham and some other impressive young talent. They will lose a lot of games this year, this one included. But, they will be fun to see. The youth movement is on in full.

Bulls Over Grizzlies – Friday

The Chicago Bulls are going to be so good this year. The preseason hype is real, as they have continued to win both the close games and the blowouts too. Lonzo Ball looks like a whole new player, while the other additions are playing well too. Finally, Zach LaVine has great players around him.

They will want to make one last statement before the real thing starts next week. And as a result of that, Memphis won’t have a chance. They re-tooled a little bit, but for the worse. Jonas Valanciunas is far better than Steven Adams, but it will be seen how it goes in the regular season.

Look for the Bulls to score an easy W.


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