Top NBA Week 7 Games to Must Watch and Bet On

Top NBA Week 7 Games to Must Watch and Bet On

If betting on the NBA every week is your game, you have landed in the right place. Another Monday incoming means that it is time to find the best games to make money on over the week once again. Without further ado, it is time to get to it once more so you can get all set to make your bets against the NBA odds.

Top Must Bet NBA Games From Nov. 29th to Dec. 4th

Timberwolves over Pacers – Monday

Minnesota is a team on a mission right now, rallying in 2OT for an incredible win over the 76ers. They improved to 10-10 by grabbing the win and did so while three key frontcourt players fouled out in the overtimes.

As for Indiana, they have all the talent you could ever want, but things never go their way. They have struggled to produce results, and it is a negative shocker to see Rick Carlisle’s inherited team get even worse from a season back.

The Wolves have been scorching hot and want to continue to serve up reminders to the league that they are a capable bunch. They will be the home team, with a nice crowd behind them.

Heat over Cavs – Wednesday

The Heat have had a very good year thus far, and it continued when they defeated the Bulls on Saturday night in a tight one. Tyler Herro has been missing in action, but they have been able to fill his loss with production from several different guys.

And though Cleveland did defeat the Magic on Saturday to snap their long-losing skid and snap out of things, they will not find it easy. They will have a chance to get the win, but even with Mobley and Allen, it will not be enough to stop Jimmy Butler and the Heat.

Miami will be ready to dish an L to the visitors, keeping things on the up and up.

Trail Blazers over Spurs – Thursday

When playing on their home court, Portland is a very good basketball team. They feed off the crowd, and the flaws that the team does have seem to fade away. They know what it takes to win contests in front of the Blazer faithful. This is a squad that can take care of the lesser units.

The Spurs have won a few games as underdogs this year, but this is an obvious rebuild. Aside from Dejounte Murray, the team has a lot of weaknesses across the board. The defense is anchored by Jakob Poeltl, who is alive and well once more. They have some issues to be still fixed, and it won’t happen for them this time.

The winner will be Jusuf Nurkic, Damian Lillard, and the home team.

Hawks over Hornets – Saturday

Injuries are the worst thing in the world, but the Hawks have plenty to offer, even so. They are without all three of their main wing players, with Bogdan Bogdanovic, Cam Reddish, and De’Andre Hunter all out of the lineup. But Trae Young can still lift his team.

Charlotte has some real depth and a fantastic starting unit. They have scorers everywhere. But, considering that they just lost to a 2-win Rockets team, it is clear that there is still some soul searching to be done. This will be a tough road loss.

Make sure to ride with ATL in the final bet of the week.


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