NBA Week 17 Betting Picks & Predictions for this Saturday Best Matches

NBA Week 17 Betting Picks & Predictions for this Saturday Best Matches

We tend to think of the All-Star Break as the midway point of the season, but we are well beyond that in the NBA at the moment, with most teams having played roughly 55 games. While that means that there are still a lot of games to come, we are getting down to the critical stage of the season, when playoff fates can be decided by an extended winning or losing streak. At this point, there are only a small number of teams who you would say are officially out of the playoff running, so it is still wide open at this point. With all of that in mind, we have a ton of huge games set to go this weekend for your NBA Betting, but we are going to focus on the Saturday schedule for this piece, so let’s get to the matchups that are standing out for us.

Top Week 17 Betting Matchups and Picks for February 11th


Philadelphia 76ers at Brooklyn Nets

This one was already going to be a game that would have grabbed our attention, but it is even more so now after the massive trade that is reported to have gone down on Wednesday night. Kevin Durant is reported to be moving to the Suns in exchange for Jae Crowder and a few other players. That would mean that the Nets have shipped out Durant and Kyrie Irving in a matter of a few days, so this really is a case of blowing up their squad and making big changes. The Nets are currently sitting in the #5 seed and have lost 2 in a row. They are 2 ½ games back of the Philadelphia 76ers in the #3 spot, with Philly also having lost their last 2 games. The Nets probably need this one more, but it’s still a great matchup.


Utah Jazz at New York Knicks

While not everyone was on board with the addition of the play-in aspect of the playoffs, you have to say that it has added a whole new level of excitement to the postseason races. As it stands now, the Utah Jazz are on the outside looking in, but they are close, sitting just a half game out of the final play-in spot. They will hit the road on Saturday night to face a Knicks team that is looking to move out of the play-in zone and into the top 6. Given that they are just a half game out, a win here might be enough to get them into an automatic playoff berth. Certainly not an easy one, but home court advantage may come into play.


Dallas Mavericks at Sacramento Kings

Both of these teams are currently sitting among the top 4 seeds in the Western Conference, which is more than enough to make this a game worth watching and wagering on. The Kings are up in the #3 seed, 2 games up on the Mavericks, so they still have a little bit of a cushion even if they come out on the losing end of this one. They are 5-5 in their last 10, but they have won 2 in a row. It is much the same story for the Mavericks, who have won back-to-back games ahead of this one to go 6-4 in their last 10. This one looks to be very evenly matched.

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