Betting Tips on How to Handicap March Madness Matches

Betting Tips on How to Handicap March Madness Matches

March Madness is one of the most unique and exciting points in the sports calendar as we have a full few weeks of college basketball taking the forefront and controlling the betting world.

However, it can be easy to be a little overwhelmed by the sheer volume of games, so today, we are going to discuss five tips to help you be a better bettor when coming into NCAA March Madness. Let’s jump right into action so you can plan your bets against the March Madness odds.

5 tips for Handicapping the NCAA March Madness tournament

Understand There Are Upsets

The beauty of March Madness is that it is complete and utter madness. Some teams that are slated to go far into the tournament are going to get upset early and what we can do is understand what teams have the potential to be upset.

Looking at a potential previous matchup, common opponents, or things as simplistic as injuries and coaching could be the difference. Once you understand that with the pressure and a short amount of time that there will be upsets, the easier betting on the collegiate basketball games will seem. 

Look at Recent Games

Season totals can be inflated by early-season numbers and have very little to do with how teams are going to be as conference tournaments and March Madness.

Focusing more on the last handful of games will mean more as you get more of a sense of how a team is going to be during the most important time of the year.

What a team did in November and December is not going to have a lot of bearing compared to their January and February outputs, so make sure you are checking a smaller, more recent sample size to accurately understand what these programs are doing at the time. 

Avoid Your Own Bias

In a huge field of teams in March Madness, there is a large chance that a program you are not particularly a fan of is going to be able to move on throughout the tournament.

Keeping any biases, either positive or negative, out of your decision-making as that will cloud your judgment and make it harder to make a profit.

Making sure that you are playing without betting your favorite team no matter what or against a conference foe with no other reason is something bettors need to avoid. 

Bet Numbers, Not Teams

Look at trends and data to help supplement your bets but understand that the numbers you are getting against the spread are more important than the teams itself. Making sure you get as much value as possible is critical as that is more important than which seeds are facing off against each other.

Don’t Bet Every Game

A new bettor can get overwhelmed by the number of games going on, specifically in the first weekend, where 68 teams and games are going on around the clock.

Understand what provides you some value and only bet on those games because if you attempt to bet on every single game, then you are almost guaranteeing yourself to lose. 


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