NFL 2022 Atlanta Falcons Betting Tips for the Upcoming Season

NFL 2022 Atlanta Falcons Betting Tips for the Upcoming Season

One of the more intriguing teams heading into the 2022 NFL Regular Season are the Atlanta Falcons. The ATL went through some changes during the off season. When it comes to teams like Atlanta, the question isn’t whether the squad will do something like win the Super Bowl, it’s whether the team offers overlay, underlay, or fair odds to win something like the Super Bowl. Check out a win loss total prediction and an NFL Lines analysis for the Atlanta Falcons.  

Falcons 2022 Season NFL Betting Guide

2022-23 NFL Regular Season

  • When: Sep. 8, 2022 – Jan. 8, 2023

Atlanta Falcons Over/Under 5

The schedule is tough but there are some games that should fall into the win column. In NFL Week 3, the Falcons travel to Seattle. That’s a possible victory.

The next week, Atlanta hosts Cleveland. Deshaun Watson may not play this season. But even if he does, Cleveland isn’t guaranteed to be a good football team.

If Atlanta can win those two games, they will start the season 2-2 because the Rams and Saints should beat the Falcons. Then if the Falcons can sweep the Panthers, a possibility, beat Chicago, and then beat either Pittsburgh or Arizona, they will have won 6 games. 

Total Game Pick: Over

Atlanta Falcons to Make the Playoffs 

Atlanta is an underdog to make the playoffs. 7 wins appears to be on the high-end and 6 wins is likely. 

No team will make the playoffs if all they win are 6 games. The problem Atlanta has is the Falcons must play the NFC West and AFC North. Baltimore and Cincinnati should beat Atlanta. 

Pittsburgh has a chance to beat the Falcons. The Rams and 49ers from the NFC West should beat Atlanta. The Saints always beat Atlanta and Tampa is better than the Falcons. 

ATL to Make the Playoffs Odds: Yes – Underlay, No – Fair

Atlanta to win the NFC South +1800

Atlanta is a longer shot on the board to win the NFC South than the Carolina Panthers. Marcus Mariota, though, is a better quarterback than Sam Darnold. 

So unless Carolina does pull off a trade with Cleveland for Baker Mayfield, there’s no way the ATL should offer higher odds than the Panthers to win the division. Even if Baker plays for Carolina, it’s questionable whether he’s as effective under center as Mariota.  

NFC West Odds: Overlay 

Atlanta to win the NFC Conference +8000

A lot of things would have to happen but in the past, teams have gone from the cellar to the Super Bowl. Atlanta picked the most talented receiver in the draft in Drake London.

Cordarrelle Patterson is a decent running back and tight end Kyle Pitts is already one of the best in the league.

Also, the odds are 80-to-1. Atlanta is good enough that the odds are fair.    

Super Bowl Odds: Fair 

Atlanta Falcons to win the Super Bowl +19000

If you’re looking to back one of the longest shots on the board, Atlanta is a much better choice to win the Super Bowl than the Carolina Panthers or Houston Texans.

That doesn’t mean the massive odds make the Falcons an overlay. It means the odds on the Falcons to win the Super Bowl are fair. 

If you’re thinking of backing the Panthers or Texans, consider putting money behind the Falcons. Why not back all three if you’re going for the mega home run? 

Super Bowl Odds: Fair


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