A First Look at the Super Bowl Pro Bets for the Kansas City Chiefs

A First Look at the Super Bowl Pro Bets for the Kansas City Chiefs

Written by on February 7, 2023

The KC Chiefs head to Super Bowl 57 on Sunday hoping to win their second title since 2020. Like in every SB, there are plenty of Super Bowl odds proposition options for us to score profit.

Not all KC props are the same, which is why you should keep reading to find out the top Kansas City props to consider Super Bowl betting heading into the game.


Super Bowl Odds A First Look at the Pro Bets for the Kansas City Chiefs

Super Bowl Odds A First Look at the Pro Bets for the Kansas City Chiefs

When: Sunday, February 12, 2023.
Where: State Farm Stadium in Phoenix, AZ

Time: 6:30 PM EST


Player to score the first touchdown TE Travis Kelce +700

The odds on the best tight-end in NFL history to score the first touchdown makes TK almost impossible not to bet.

The reason to pick Travis is because even if the Eagles’ terrific pass defense double-teams him, Kelce can make the catch. Also, Mecole Hardman is out and Juju Smith-Schuster is banged up. So Andy Reid will design more than one touchdown play that goes to Kelce.  


Patrick Mahomes passing touchdowns over 1.5 -250

Mahomes is the best quarterback in the league playing for one of the NFL’s greatest offensive masterminds. No doubt, Reid is going to lean on Mahomes’ arm to get points. Expect at least 2 TD passes. 3 to 4 is not impossible.  


Patrick Mahomes passing yards over 290.5 -120

Magic Mahomes averages around 289 passing yards per game. We should expect the great one to eclipse his average in this because he has had so much time to design ways to break down the Eagles’ top rated pass defense. 


Isaiah Pacheco rushing + receiving yards over 69.5 -110

Pacheco and Jerrick McKinnon have nagging injuries. Both should play. Isaiah runs a 4.3 40-yard dash. He faces a defense that allows over 121 rushing yards per game.

If Pacheco sees daylight, he could take any carry to the house. So going over the 69.5 yards is a no-brainer because Isaiah could get that in a single carry.

Not only that, but because Hardman is out, Reid for sure will have designed a few plays where Pacheco catches the ball in space. The Kansas City head coach will use every available weapon at Mahomes’ disposal to put points on the board.


Travis Kelce receptions over 7.5 +120

It’s takes 3 people to cover Travis Kelce. The Eagles can’t afford to put 3 d-backs on TK because Pacheco is such a threat.

Also, Mahomes’ ankle should be better, meaning if the Chiefs spend too much time worrying about KC’s tight-end, Mahomes will burn Philly with the rush. Kelce should catch ten passes in Super Bowl 57.


Harrison Butker field goals made over 1.5 -150

Kansas City is the highest-scoring team in the NFL. The Chiefs average over 29 points per game. The Eagles have a decent defense, which means KC won’t score a TD on every drive.

But Kansas City should move into field goal range on most of their drives. In addition, Butker has a big leg. Harrison to kick over 1.5 field goals seems like a lock.

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