NFL Betting Rumors, Trades & News Panthers Desperate for a QB, Gronk Retires

NFL Betting Rumors, Trades & News: Panthers Desperate for a QB, Gronk Retires

A huge development in the Deshaun Watson situation, a reason for Saquon Barkley to give it his all this season, and an update on Carolina’s search for a quarterback highlight what has happened in the NFL this past week. Check out the latest NFL Betting rumors, trade info, and free agents signings. 

NFL Rumors, Trades, Free Agents & Betting News | June 22nd Edition

2022-23 NFL Regular Season
  • When: Sep. 8, 2022 – Jan. 8, 2023

20 settlements in Deshaun Watson drama

On Tuesday, June 21, Deshaun Watson’s attorney, Tony Buzbee, said that Watson had reached settlements with 20 of the 24 civil lawsuits. 

Once the paperwork is finished, Buzbee said, those 20 lawsuits will be dismissed. From Deshaun’s point of view, this has to be great news. 

But from the point-of-view of the Cleveland Browns and the NFL, it doesn’t change much. The NFL had already said they will follow their disciplinary process no matter what happens in the civil suits. 

The Browns must still wait to hear back from the NFL about how many games Deshaun must sit. Since the 4 remaining lawsuits figure to go to trial next year, Watson may have to sit out while the trials happen.   

Carolina is the team ready to pull the trigger on Jimmy G.

The Panthers are desperate for a quarterback. A couple of weeks ago, Carolina was the team on everyone’s lips ready to make a trade for Baker Mayfield.

Now, the Panthers are the team linked to San Francisco starter Jimmy Garoppolo. Jimmy G. had shoulder surgery recently, but he’s just about ready to start throwing.

Garoppolo is due over $24 million this year. So to make this work, the 49ers would have to take Darnold off Carolina’s hands and Jimmy would have to restructure his contract. Both are possible.

What’s up with Mayfield? Baker is due $19 million this season. It’s doubtful he will restructure his contract and the Browns are asking for too of a price. So, for now at least, Carolina has turned their attention to the 49ers’ quarterback. 

NYG running back Saquon Barkley hoping for a Bitcoin bounce back

Saquon Barkley is motivated to prove his gotten over the injuries that have so far plagued his career. Now Barkley has a reason to be super motivated.

The New York Giants starting running back lost more than most during the recent cryptocurrency crash. Saquon decided to turn $10 million he received in endorsements from Nike and Pepsi into Bitcoin.

Like so many other crypto enthusiasts, Saquon bought high. So right now, he’s in the dumps. But it might work out for Saquon. Once Bitcoin bounces back, and it will, he should be good.  

Eagles sign safety Tartt

Philadelphia’s thinnest position is at safety. If you’re an Eagles fan, break out the high fives.

Philly signed one of the better safeties in the league in Jaquiski Tartt. The former San Francisco 49er has four picks and eighteen pass break ups in 80 games. 

The limited interceptions and pass break ups prove that opponents preferred to not test Tartt. Philadelphia landed a good player, one that will help their defense for sure. 

Gronk retires for the second time

Tom Brady will return for another season. Rob Gronkowski won’t. Gronk decided to hang up the cleats for a second time. 

Gronkowski scored 92 touchdowns since 2010, the most of any player since that year. He’ll leave the game as one of the greatest tight-ends of all time.

He’ll leave the Buccaneers with a big hole to fill. Cameron Brate is a decent tight-end, but Brady and Gronk had a special rapport. 

We’ll see if Tampa makes any moves to try to fill Gronk’s shoes. If they don’t, it will be another reason to rethink dumping on the Buccaneers to win the Super Bowl, the NFC, or even their division, the NFC South, over rival New Orleans.


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