Rams vs Ravens 2018 NFL Preseason Week 1 Odds.

Rams vs Ravens 2018 NFL Preseason Week 1 Odds

Written by on July 31, 2018

The debate continues to rage about the NFL preseason and the number of games that each team should be required to play. At the heart of the issue is the long history of teams losing players for the season while playing in a game that means absolutely nothing. This is why so many teams are playing their starters less and less in the preseason, and while that is not great for the average football fan, it does make it fun to watch the fringe players battle for those final roster spots. The Hall of Fame Game goes later this week, but the official 2018 NFL Preseason Week 1 commence on August 9.The Baltimore Ravens will actually have a bit of an edge here given that this will be the second game for them, as they will face the Bears in the HOF game. Given that this will be the second game for the Ravens, the odds for this none are not yet live, although I would imagine that the Los Angeles Rams will be given the role of favorite.

Rams vs Ravens 2018 NFL Preseason Week 1 Odds

  • When: Thursday, August 9 at 7:30 PM EST
  • Where: M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore
  • TV: NFL Network
  • Radio: TuneIn
  • Live Stream: NFL League Pass
  • NFL Odds: TBA

Recent Head to Head (Last 6 Games)

  • Record: Baltimore Ravens lead 4-2
  • Score: Los Angeles Rams 19.00 / Baltimore Ravens 24.00
  • Rush Yards: Los Angeles Rams 88.67 / Baltimore Ravens 103.33
  • Pass Attempts: Los Angeles Rams 34.00 / Baltimore Ravens 41.00
  • Completion Percentage: Los Angeles Rams 55.88 / Baltimore Ravens 55.69
  • Passing Yards: Los  Angeles Rams 191.00 / Baltimore Ravens 256.17
  • Total Yards: Los Angeles Rams 279.67 / Baltimore Ravens 359.5
  • Turnovers: Los Angeles Rams 3.83 / Baltimore Ravens 3.00

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Why bet on the LA Rams?

It would seem as though the LA Rams top brass believe that they have a team on the brink of greatness, and they are obviously willing to invest to ensure that’s the direction they head in. LA spent a load of money in free agency and have also just invested $60 million to ensure the long-term services of RB Todd Gurley.The pressure on this team is now very real, as it would appear that nothing less than a Super Bowl win is needed for a true return on that investment. The starters for this teams are very much set in stone, which will make the battle for the remaining roster spots here very interesting indeed. There is not much history between these two teams, but the last tie the Rams went to Baltimore, which was back in 2015, they lost 16-13.

Why bet on the Baltimore Ravens?

While the Rams know exactly what their starting line-up will be, the same cannot necessarily be said of the Baltimore Ravens. This is a pivotal year for this group, as they have now gone 3-straight seasons without a playoff appearance, which is simply not good enough for a team that won the Super Bowl right before going on that drought. Defensively, this is a team that is always solid, but it is the offensive side of the football where things start to get tricky.Rams vs Ravens might be the first preseason game for QB Joe Flacco.Joe Flacco earned himself a huge new contract by winning the Super Bowl, but it is fair to suggest that he has not lived up to those numbers. The Ravens drafted QB Lamar Jackson in the offseason, and while he is not going to steal the #1 spot, he could put some added pressure on Flacco if the rookie delivers the goods in preseason.

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Expert Pick and Final Score Prediction for Rams vs Ravens

I don’t think we are going to see too many high-scoring games involving the Ravens, so let’s keep the score of this one fairly low. I think the Rams have the better depth, so I’m taking them to win a close one.Score: Los Angeles Rams 20 – Baltimore Ravens 17