NFL Rumors & News: Julian Edelman Retires, Aaron Rodgers In the Spotlight Again & More

NFL Rumors & News: Julian Edelman Retires, Aaron Rodgers In the Spotlight Again & More

Written by on April 14, 2021

We are at the time of year when we usually see a lot of headlines coming out of the NFL. There are still free agent moves being made and teams are in the final stages of strategizing for the draft. With that in mind, all of the news comes off the field, but it is usually football related. Right now, tough, there are several stories swirling that affect the league, but which have little to do with the business of football. We are going to get into some of those, while also touching on some of the other headlines being made in the world of the NFL. That being said, let’s check out our latest National Football League news and rumors update so you can keep planning your bets against their NFL odds for the upcoming season.

NFL Rumors & Betting News April 14th Edition

Former NFL defensive back Phillip Adams made headlines for all the wrong reasons this past week after going on a shooting spree that ended with six people dead. Adams killed a South Carolina doctor and members of his family before taking his own life at the end of what was a truly tragic night. While it has not yet been confirmed, there are reports that medical examiners will examine Adam’s brain to see if CTE perhaps played a role in his behavior. CTE has been an ongoing issue in the NFL, so we will all be awaiting the results of those tests to see if it helps explain this senseless act.

The MLB made news recently by moving the All-Star Game out of Atlanta after new voting laws were put in place in Georgia. It is not surprising then that people turned to the NFL to see what their reaction would be. To this point, there has been nothing much out of the league other than a statement from Roger Goodell that mostly addressed the work done by NFL Votes. That stance is probably not likely to change that much, as the league seems focused on getting the draft done without a hitch right now. Watch this space, though.

In news that is more about what is happening on the field, we have more drama coming out of Green Bay this offseason. Last year around this time, the Packers moved up to draft QB Jordan Love, prompting many to question how much longer Aaron Rodgers would remain a Packer and what his attitude would be moving forward. Rodgers silenced everyone by winning the league MVP, but he is back in the spotlight again, with an unnamed agent suggesting that Green Bay is doing nothing in the free agent market until the issues with Rodger’s contract is taken care of. This one is filed firmly in the rumor file.

It seems fitting to bring this week’s news to an end by talking about a player announcing that his NFL career is coming to an end. Julian Edelman, who won 3 Super Bowl rings with the Patriots and spent much of his career as the favorite target of Tom Brady, has decided to call it a day at the age of 33. The plaudits have been pouring in from coaches and former teammates across the league. The argument will now begin on whether or not Edelman is deserving of a spot in the Hall of Fame.

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