The Do’s and The Don’ts of Super Bowl 50 Betting

Written by on January 27, 2016

Okay NFL gaming enthusiasts, if you’re in need if some sage Super Bowl betting advice, then you’re in for a treat thanks to this Super Bowl 50 betting guide! Now, let’s find out all about the do’s, the don’ts when Super Bowl 50 gets underway on Sunday, February 7, 2016 at 6:30 PM ET, live from Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

Panthers vs. Broncos SB50 Game Information and Odds

When: Sunday, February 7, 2015Kickoff: 6:30 PM ETWhere: Santa Clara, CAStadium: Levi’s StadiumSpread: Panthers -5Moneyline: Carolina -220 vs Denver +190Game Total: 45Watch: CBSStream: CBS SportsListen: Carolina vs Denver

The Do’s of Super Bowl 50 Betting

Stick With Your ‘First Mind’!

Just like your momma’ once taught you…going with your first mind’ or first choice is generally the right way to go. Some NFL gridiron gamblers over-think their betting selections and end up making a foolish wager when their first thought was the right one all along!

Do Your Homework!

Well, thanks to guys like me, you have half of your research/homework work already done. Still, there’s nothing like making a well-informed wager and that means doing your ‘homework’ by gathering as much pertinent betting information as possible.Whether it’s knowing a simple Super Bowl fact like six of the last eight Super Bowl underdogs have brought home the bacon or some more obscure fact that takes longer to longer to locate, there’s nothing like making a wise and well-informed wager.Peyton and the Broncos are coming into Super Bowl 50 as clear betting underdogs.

The Don’ts of SB 50 Betting

Head Over Heart!

Never, ever, ever, use your ‘heart’ to make a Super Bowl betting selection or a wager on any sport for that matter. This means removing your love for one team or another and using your brain power, ATS trends and ‘gut feelings’ to make the right pick. There’s probably not a bettors alive that hasn’t made at least one betting selection based on ‘love’ but that is generally a quick route to disaster…trust me!

If ‘If Was a Fifth’ We’d All be Drunk!

Never make a Super Bowl wager on ‘If’ this happens or ‘if’ that happens. There’s an old saying that goes…’If ‘if’ was a fifth, we’d all be drunk’ and that’s as true as any wagering maxing ever. Be resolute in your betting selections and don’t dream up scenarios that likely won’t come to fruition.

Remember…Every Matchup is Different!

Last but not least, you should never make a wager based on what one team did the last time out. Remember, every matchup is different, even if you do feel strongly about your betting selection.Case in point…Denver’s stout defense mad minced-meat out of mostly-immobile New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in their AFC Championship game win last weekend. However, with the Broncos facing a completely different kind of quarterback in Carolina’s Cam Newton, it would be foolish to expect the Broncos defense to, both, perform the same way they did the last time out – or employ the same kind of defensive game plan. Again, every matchup is different and presents different challenges for both, the favorite and underdog!