2022 Seattle Seahawks WinLoss Betting Prediction for the Upcoming NFL Season

2022 Seattle Seahawks Win/Loss Betting Prediction for the Upcoming NFL Season

Few teams will enter the 2022-2023 NFL Season with as many questions to answer as the Seattle Seahawks. The team that Pete Carroll led to a Super Bowl victory will go through a transition period this year. All-pro quarterback Russell Wilson no longer wears the silver and blue, which is the main reason the Seahawks have their lowest win-loss total, 5 ½ games, in close to a decade. Check out why the Seahawks go over the total, why Seattle will go under the total, and a Seattle Seahawks NFL Win Loss Total Betting prediction.  

Seahawks 2022 NFL Season Betting Prediction: Win/Loss Record

2022-23 NFL Regular Season

  • When: Sep. 8, 2022 – Jan. 8, 2023
  • Seattle Seahawks Total Win-Loss Total Odds: 5 ½  

Why the Seattle Seahawks will win more than 5 games

For the past few seasons, the Seahawks have struggled to find a legit left tackle, which is why Seattle pulled the trigger on Mississippi State offensive lineman Charles Cross.

Cross is 6’10 and weighs 310 pounds. He’s equally effective opening holes for running backs and pass-blocking. 

Carroll drafted Cross knowing Seattle is going to lean on a rushing attack, hold the football, and then hand games over to their defense. It’s hard to imagine the strategy not working at least 6 times this season. 

Why the Seattle Seahawks won’t win more than 5 games

Cross could be one of the best offensive tackles in the league and the Seahawks still won’t win more than 5 games. Seattle’s quarterbacks, neither Geno Smith nor Drew Lock, are good enough to keep teams from sending an extra player into the box.

Even a great tackle like Cross can only block a single person at a time. Seattle’s opponents won’t respect the pass, which means the Seahawks will struggle to move the ball into a position for a field goal, much less score touchdowns.  

Final Betting Analysis: Will the Seattle Seahawks win at least 6 games?

Handicapping Seattle’s win-loss total is a challenge. On one hand, the defense should be okay and Cross is a legit left tackle. On the other hand, the schedule isn’t a cakewalk and the quarterback position is a mess. 

Quarterback is the most serious concern. Looking at Seattle’s schedule, the Seahawks play a single opponent where they have a quarterbacking edge. Carolina heads to the Emerald City in Week 14.

We can make a case that Geno Smith and Drew Lock are both better than Sam Darnold. But Darnold may not start. The former USC product may not even be a Panther by that time. So even the Carolina game is up in the air.   

At this point, not knowing if Pete trades for Baker Mayfield or Jimmy G., we have no choice but to go under. Smith and Lock are decent backups, but neither is a strong enough starter to rally the Seahawks to more than 4 wins. Under is the play. 

Seattle Seahawks Win Loss Total Pick: Under 5 ½


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