Smartest 2019 NFL Season Betting Picks.

Smartest 2019 NFL Season Betting Picks

Written by on July 10, 2019

With the 2019 NFL season now just a matter of weeks away, it’s time to get serious about planning out our wagers for the coming year. Of course, it’s always worth waiting to see how things shake out in the preseason, as we are absolutely going to see a few big names go down for the season with injuries, which is something that will dramatically affect the odds.

There are still some NFL Betting picks that you can make now where you can maximize your potential payouts, so let’s take a look at some of those plays.

Smartest 2019 NFL Season Betting Picks

  • Regular Season Duration: September 5 – December 29 (2019)
  • Playoffs Start Date: January, 4 (2020)
  • Super Bowl LIV Date: February, 2 (2020)

League MVP

There are a lot of players in this league, but the law of averages tells us that it will almost certainly be a QB who wins this award. 11 of the last 12 MVP’s have been won by a QB, but perhaps more telling is that you need to go back a decade to find the last time that a player won it in consecutive years.

If that trend holds true, then cross of Patrick Mahomes and look elsewhere. How about a 40-year old Drew Brees leading the New Orleans Saints to a Super Bowl and winning MVP honors. Might just happen.

Look at the Divisions

Picking the Super Bowl winner in the middle of June is about as tough as it gets, but you can get decent odds by wagering on individual division winners.

Now is when you are likely to get the best price on the potential winners, as their odds will not go in your favor once the season starts and they start picking up victories. If you really want to maximize your payout here, think about creating a parlay ticket with 3 or 4 division winners. You can get a big return for a small investment.

Take a Chance on Some Underdogs

While some divisions look to have a clear and obvious winner, there are others where as many as 2 or 3 teams might be in the hunt.

Believe it or not, the Steelers are among the NFL Betting underdogs for the 2019 Season.

When things are that close, the odds tend to fall in your favor, so try picking out a couple of dark horse teams that might just rise up and end up at the top of the heap in their division. The Pittsburgh Steelers might be a good bet here, while the San Francisco 49ers or Oakland Raiders might also be worth a look at a very good price.

Get in Early with Your Super Bowl Pick

If you are in any way interested in money management when wagering, which you should be, then you probably already have a bankroll in mind for playing this season. If you have an idea as to who you think will win the Super Bowl, now is a very good time to bet.

Once the favorites start to win, their odds are not going to look anywhere as good as they do now. Take a very small percentage of your bankroll and place your Super Bowl winning bet now. Sure, it’s a long time to have your money tied up in a single wager, but you will be glad you did it if your pick hoists the Lombardi Trophy this season.