Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show Prop Bets

Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show Prop Bets

One of the reasons why the Super Bowl draws the attention of so many people who don’t regularly wager is the stunning number of bets that are available. Even if you know nothing about football, you can still get in on the fun and win some money along the way. One of the best ways to play without any real football knowledge is to get in on the prop bets that have nothing to do with the performance of a player or the final outcome. That includes getting on the half-time show betting action, where you will find all kinds of different props. Let’s take a look at a few of those and the Super Bowl odds that are currently available.


Super Bowl Halftime Betting Analysis


First Song

For those of you who may not be aware of the half-time show performance, it will be Rihanna that is taking the stage. If you know anything about this artist, you might already have some idea of what her setlist might be, but which of her hits will be the first one she sings? The Clear favorite here seems to be Don’t Stop the Music at odds of +150. There is also Diamonds at +350 and Where Have You Been at odds of +500. There are also a few others to choose from.


Guest Spots

Over the past few years, we have seen some major stars join the star performer on stage during the halftime show. The feeling seems to be that we will see this happen again on Sunday, but who will share the stage with Rihanna? The bookies have several different options on the board, including A$AP Rocky, Jay-Z, and Drake. Remember, all or none of these performers might show up, so you could potentially win more than once with this one.


Looks and Appearance

Okay, this is where things can get really fun, as there are several different prop bets based on how Rihanna will look and what she will wear. The one bet that looks like a definite winner here is whether or not the sultry singer will show cleavage at any point in the show. We have seen Rihanna in some rather skimpy outfits over the years, so I would definitely take the cleavage bet at odds of -600. Not great odds, but it does seem like a shoo-in.

Not so obvious is the color of footwear that Rihanna will wear. Yes, you can wager on the shoe color that Rihanna will sport in the halftime show, with Black in as the current favorite at odds of +200. There is a veritable rainbow of different colors to choose from, though, so maybe you feel like taking a risk with this one.

Another appearance prop bet is whether or not Rihanna will wear a necklace during the show. YES is at odds of -400, while NO is at +250.


Up and Down

During a live performance, there is always the chance that something might go wrong. While we all hope that things go off without a hitch, you can wager on whether or not Rihanna will fall on stage at any time during her performance. It’s all very heavily in favor of her staying on her feet, but if you see a fall in her future, you can get YES at odds of +560.


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