2024 MLB Win-Loss Totals Betting Opportunities

2024 MLB Win-Loss Totals Betting Opportunities

Spring training is now well underway, which means that the start of the MLB regular season is now very much on the horizon. While some of you will almost certainly be waiting for the season to start before getting your futures wagers on, others will have already made up their minds and be ready to roll. Either way, we are going to try and prepare you for the coming season, so with that in mind, we are going to look at the 2024 win totals for each of the 30 teams in the league.

We are going to break it down by division in the order in which teams finished last season. Check out MyBookie’s betting odds and predictions for the total win-loss for 2024 MLB Season.


2024 MLB Win-Loss Totals Betting Opportunities | Baseball Betting Analysis for the Season

2024 MLB | 155th edition of professional baseball in United States
Duration: Thursday, Mar. 30 – Sunday, Oct. 1, 2023
Number of games: 162 games
Number of teams: 30 teams


American League East

Baltimore Orioles 89 ½
The Orioles had a great year in 2023, winning 101 games, and while that mark is going to be tough to hit again, this total looks low to me.

Tampa Bay Rays 84 ½
The Rays have been to the playoffs in each of the last 5 seasons and will be looking to make it 6.

Toronto Blue Jays 87 ½
There figures to be a hot race in the East Division, which is why these totals are all so close. The Rays had 89 wins last season.

New York Yankees 94 ½
The Yankees were hammered by injuries last season, but they have also been active in the offseason, so expect a bounce back year.

Boston Red Sox 79 ½
The Red Sox look to be well off the pace in the East, and making this total is by no means guaranteed.

American League East
2024 MLB Win/Loss | MyBookie Betting Lines for the Season


American League Central

Minnesota Twins 87 ½
The Twins won the Central with 87 wins last season and figure to be in the hunt to win it again in 2024.

Detroit Tigers 79 ½
Finishing below .500 is never great, and that is what the Tigers did last season with 78 wins. The bookies don’t see much improvement.

Cleveland Guardians 78 ½
The totals here make it clear that the Central is not highly regarded. It could be another mediocre year for the Guardians.

Chicago White Sox 63 ½
With a 100-loss season in 2023, the future does not look bright in Chicago. More of the same this year.

Kansas City Royals 73 ½
The bookies have things pretty much standing pat in this division, but they do see the Royals improving after a 56-win season.

American League Central
2024 MLB Win/Loss | MyBookie Betting Lines for the Season


American League West

Houston Astros 93 ½
It was another deep run in the playoffs for the Astros last season, and there is no reason to believe they are about to take a backward step.

Texas Rangers 88 ½
You don’t often see the defending champions in as the second favorite to win the division, but that is where the Rangers are.

Seattle Mariners 86 ½
With 88 wins in 2023, the Mariners just missed out on the playoffs. They should be there or thereabouts again this year.

LA Angels 72 ½
Even with 2 of the best players in the league on the roaster, the Angels failed to deliver. Shohei Ohtani is now gone, and a backward step is expected.

Oakland Athletics 57 ½
Athletics is biding their time until they relocate, so don’t expect any improvement until that happens.

American League West
2024 MLB Win/Loss | MyBookie Betting Lines for the Season


National League East

Atlanta Braves 101 ½
The Braves are arguably the most talented team in the league and have dominated the division in recent years. More of the same in ’24.

Philadelphia Phillies 89 ½
The Phillies have been the postseason nemesis of the Braves, but they always seem to settle for second best in the division.

Miami Marlins 78 ½
The Marlins ended last season with 84 wins, so the bookies see a bit of a backward step this year.

New York Mets 81 ½
If the Marlins do indeed slip this season, we should perhaps be looking at the Mets to move up.

Washington Nationals 66 ½
The Nationals were well off the pace with 71 wins last season and look set for another disappointing year.

National League East
2024 MLB Win/Loss | MyBookie Betting Lines for the Season


National League Central

Milwaukee Brewers 77 ½
The Brewers broke 90 wins last season to win the division, but a backward step looks to be in order this season.

Chicago Cubs 83 ½
The Cubs finished the season with 83 wins last year and look to be landing in the same type of win range again this season.

Cincinnati Reds 80 ½
It’s much the same story with the Reds, who are coming off an 82-win season.

Pittsburgh Pirates 75 ½
The Pirates jumped out to a fast start in 2023, but they soon settled into mediocrity, which is where I think they will be again.

St. Louis Cardinals 85 ½
The general consensus is that the Cardinals will break out this season, with the bookies installing them as the favorite to win the Central.

National League Central
2024 MLB Win/Loss | MyBookie Betting Lines for the Season


National League West

LA Dodgers 103 ½
The Dodgers have ruled this division forever, and with the moves made in the offseason, that is not likely to change.

Arizona Diamondbacks 83 ½
The Diamondbacks made an improbable run to the MLB World Series last season before losing, but that run looks unlikely to be repeated.

San Diego Padres 81 ½
The Padres started last season as one of the sexy picks to make the playoffs and go deep, but they disappointed. More of the same this season looks likely.

San Francisco Giants 81 ½
Realistically, the battle in this division is going to be for the Wild Card spots in the NL. The Giants would need to surpass this total to have any shot.

Colorado Rockies 59 ½
The Rockies crossed the 100-win mark last season and look set to have a similar type of year in 2024.

National League West
2024 MLB Win/Loss | MyBookie Betting Lines for the Season


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2023 MLB Win-Loss Totals Betting – Top 6 Plays for the Season

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The 2023 Major League Baseball Season throws first pitch next Thursday on March 30, which means we’ve got about a week to get our MLB future plays down. In this blog we take a look at baseball odds for total win-loss plays. Our top six bets include three teams from the NL and three teams form the AL.

Check out MyBookie’s MLB odds and predictions for the total win-loss for MLB Season.

MLB Total Win-Loss Bets for 2023 Season Top 6 Plays

MLB Season Info | Updated MLB Odds
Duration: Thursday, Mar. 30 – Sunday, Oct. 1, 2023
Number of games: 162 games
Number of teams: 30 teams

Los Angeles Dodgers

Odds: Under 96.5 +103
Conference: National League
Division: West

The Dodgers won 111 games last season. So predicting that LAD wins less than 96 is a big risk. Or is it?

The odds suggest under 96.5 wins is possible. Los Angeles doesn’t have the lockdown starting rotation like they have had in past seasons.

Clayton Kershaw is up there in years. He’s the ace. Julio Urias is good but will he last the entire season?

After Kershaw and Urias, there’s a lot to be desired. Also, the Dodgers’ offense fell off a cliff at the end of last season. So LAD could struggle to score runs.

MLB Win/Loss Pick: | Bet Los Angeles Dodgers W/L Under
MyBookie Betting Lines for the Game

San Diego Padres

Odds: Over 93.5 -110 +103
Conference: National League
Division: West

The Padres should overtake the Dodgers this season and win the National League West. The starting rotation is fantastic: Yu Darvish, Joe Musgrove, and Blake Snell.

The bats are even more impressive. If Fernando Tatis, Manny Machado, and Juan Soto remain healthy, the Friars could lead Major League Baseball in runs scored per game.

Unless injuries derail the Padres, San Diego should win close to 100 games.

MLB Win/Loss Pick: | Bet San Diego Padres W/L Over
MyBookie Betting Lines for the Game

Houston Astros

Odds: Over 93.5 -110 +103
Conference: American League
Division: West

The Stros went 106-56 last season. Sure, Justin Verlander left Houston for Queens to play for the Mets, but so what?

Framber Valdez and Christian Javier are legit Cy Young contenders and although Jose Altuve is sidelined with a thumb fracture he suffered in the World Baseball Classic, Houston Astros is deep enough at the plate to support the rotation. 96 wins shouldn’t be an issue.

MLB Win/Loss Pick: | Bet Houston Astros W/L Over
MyBookie Betting Lines for the Game

Minnesota Twins

Odds: Over 82.5 -132
Conference: American League
Division: Central

Maybe, the AL Central is as deep as so many believe it is. On paper, though, the Minnesota Twins take the division over the Cleveland Guardians and Chicago White Sox.

Sonny Gray, Joe Ryan, and Pablo Lopez are three sub-4 ERA starters. Few teams go that deep in their rotation.

The batting lineup is solid. The Twins won the Carlos Correa sweepstakes. Carlos joins a lineup that includes Joey Gallo, Jose Miranda, and Byron Buxton. 83 or more wins should happen no problem.

MLB Win/Loss Pick: | Bet Minnesota Twins W/L Under
MyBookie Betting Lines for the Game

New York Yankees

Odds: Under 94.5 -101
Conference: American League
Division: East

Gerrit Cole gets a lot of strikeouts, but his ERA is 3.50. Cole is the ace in a rotation that’s not nearly as formidable as some might believe.

Also, the Yankees won 99 games last season and Aaron Judge broke the single season home run record. Judge won’t have that type of season in 2023.

So we’re only talking about a 5 games difference, which is why under is the play to make.

MLB Win/Loss Pick: | Bet New York Yankees W/L Under
MyBookie Betting Lines for the Game

Philadelphia Phillies

Odds: Over 89.5 +102
Conference: National League
Division: East

Atlanta and the New York Mets are the favorites to win the NL East. Nobody is giving the Phillies much chance because Bryce Harper could be out until June or July.

Even without Bryce, though, this team is solid.

Another trip to the NL Championship Series isn’t out of the question because the top two starters, Aaron Nola and Zach Wheeler, return. Taijuan Walker is a great third in the rotation.

If the Phils can score runs before Harper’s return, they will be victorious in plenty of enough games to be on pace for 90 or more wins.

MLB Win/Loss Pick: | Bet Philadelphia Phillies W/L Over
MyBookie Betting Lines for the Game

MLB Total Win Betting Projections for the 2023 Season

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The 2023 Major League Baseball Season throws first pitch on March 30 and doesn’t end until October 1. Oddsmakers set total win baseball odds for every MLB team.

Check out analysis, betting MLB over/under totals, and free picks for the top play in each American League and National League division.

MLB Total Win Projections: Top Plays for Every Division

2023 MLB Regular Season: Mar. 30 – Oct. 1

New York Yankees | 2023 Win/Loss

American League
AL East
Yankee Stadium (II)

Regular Season Wins: Yankees 94.5
Bet Yankees RSW Today

The New York Yankees should have no trouble hitting the ball. Also, the starting rotation is solid.

The Yankees’ bullpen issues will come into focus during the playoffs. For now, it’s good enough to get NYY to 95 wins.

Yankees Pick: Over 94.5 | Bet MLB Win/loss Today MyBookie Betting Lines for the Game

Cleveland Guardians | 2023 Win/Loss

American League
AL Central
Progressive Field

Regular Season Wins: Guardians 86.5
Bet Guardians RSW Today

After 5 spring training games, the Cleveland Guardians are 1-4. Is that a sign the Guardians will struggle during the regular season?

Not necessarily. But the Guardians don’t appear to have the ace pitcher in Shane Beiber everyone believed they did. Also, Cleveland struggled to consistently score runs last season.

Guardians Pick: Under 86.5 | Bet MLB Win/loss Today MyBookie Betting Lines for the Game

Houston Astros | 2023 Win/Loss

American League
AL West
Progressive Field

Regular Season Wins: Astros 97.5

Bet Astros RSW Today

Houston won 106 games last season. Most believe that because Justin Verlander is a New York Mets, Houston Astros won’t come close to that.

But the Astros will continue to send one of the league’s top rotations to the mound. Framber Valdez and Christian Javier are the reasons the Astros won the World Series. Lance McCullers Jr. is a solid third on the starting pitching depth chart. Both Luis Garcia and Jose Urquidy can throw.

Astros Pick: Over 97.5 | Bet MLB Win/loss Today MyBookie Betting Lines for the Game

New York Mets | 2023 Win/Loss

National League
NL East
Citi Field

Regular Season Wins: Mets 94.5

Bet Mets RSW Today

Last season, the New York Mets won 101 games. During the offseason, NYM signed Kodai Segura, one of the Japanese League’s best starters, and the great Justin Verlander. 95 wins should be a lock.

Mets Pick: Over 94.5 | Bet MLB Win/loss Today MyBookie Betting Lines for the Game

St. Louis Cardinals | 2023 Win/Loss

National League
NL Central
Busch Stadium

Regular Season Wins: Cardinals 88.5

Bet Cardinals RSW Today

It’s difficult to understand why the total is so low. For sure, the Cardinals aren’t as good as the Astros, Yankees, or Mets.

But San Francisco Giants projects to own their division. Milwaukee won’t be nearly as good a they have been in the past. The Reds should be a dud of a team and the Cubs are rebuilding. 89 wins is probable for sure.

Cardinals Pick: Over 88.5 | Bet MLB Win/loss Today MyBookie Betting Lines for the Game

Los Angeles Dodgers | 2023 Win/Loss

National League
NL West
Dodger Stadium

Regular Season Wins: Dodgers 96.5
Bet Dodgers RSW Today

Until Walker Buehler returns, 34-year-old Clayton Kershaw is going to have to carry the load. Don’t get it wrong. Kershaw is a future hall of fame pitcher. But at the age of 34, how well will he do while Buehler recovers from Tommy John surgery?

Then when Walker gets back, will he be one-hundred percent? Will he have the same velocity? There are more questions regarding the starting rotation.

How will Julio Urias perform? Can we really trust Dustin May and Tony Goselin?

The lineup struggled to hit towards the end of the regular season. There doesn’t appear to be enough changes to make a clear indication that the hitting woes won’t continue. Backing the Dodgers to win more than 96 games doesn’t appear wise.

Dodgers Pick: Under 96.5 | Bet MLB Win/loss Today MyBookie Betting Lines for the Game

MLB Total Wins Betting Predictions and Picks for the Upcoming 2022 Season

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The 2022 Major League Baseball Season is set to begin on March 31. The season is long, from March 31 all the way to November 2. Although MLB and the MLB Players Association have yet to sign a new agreement, most believe a deal will be in place before the start of the season, which is why oddsmakers have set total lines for every MLB team. Check out three top over game total plays and three top under game total plays for the 2022 Major League Baseball Season so you can bet against the MLB Regular Season Wins Odds.

Total Win Projections for the Season | MLB Betting

2022 MLB Season

When: March 31 – Nov. 2

Top 3 Over Total Win Plays

Atlanta Braves – 91.5 Wins

The defending World Series Champions are in a great position for the repeat try. Ozzie Albies could improve this season enough to hit close to .280 and more than 30 home runs.

Ronald Acuna Jr. is the chalk to win the NL MVP. The starting rotation remains one of the best in baseball. Over 91.5 seems like a lock.

Chicago White Sox – 91.5 Wins

Few AL teams are as loaded as the Chicago White Sox. The Sox boast a couple of ace starters in Lance Lynn and Lucas Giolito.

Giolito is a Cy Young favorite. Although 35, Jose Abreu remains one of the best players in MLB. Also, closer Liam Hendricks figures to step it up. So the White Sox should win more than 91.5 games this season.

Houston Astros – 86.5 Wins

Last season, the Houston Astros went 95-67 and Justin Verlander didn’t start a single game. How many games, then, should Houston win this season with Verlander back at the top of the rotation?

The Astros should be a lock to win at least 87 games. Don’t be surprised if Houston ends the regular season with the best record in baseball.

Top 3 Under Total Win Plays

Los Angeles Dodgers – 102.5 Wins

Winning over 100 games is tough. Winning 103 when you play in the same division as the San Francisco Giants and in the same league as the defending World Series Champions is very tough.

The Dodgers must count on Walker Buehler turning into a Clayton Kershaw type ace. They must also count on David Price coming back and pitching lights out and Trevor Bauer stepping to the mound and throwing like it’s 2020.

Those are a lot of things that must happen for the Dodgers to win their division over the Giants, much less win 103 regular season games.

Minnesota Twins – 88.5 Wins

It’s difficult to understand the high game total for Minnesota. The Chicago White Sox are easily the best team in the AL Central.

It’s also clear the Twins’ starting rotation is a mess and the bats weren’t there last season because Minnesota ended up in fifth place in their division. Can the Twins bounce back?

Of course, they can. The organization is solid. But a bounce back shouldn’t lead to more than 80 to 84 wins, not 89.

New York Yankees – 95.5 Wins

Talk about a high game total. Few pitchers were as affected by the new rules than Gerrit Cole. Gerrit saw his ERA rise to 3.23 after posting a 2.84 ERA in 2020.

In 2019, Cole’s ERA was 2.50. So the trend isn’t great. Not only that, but nobody behind Cole is a real ace.

In addition, Tampa Bay should have a bounce back season and Toronto remains an AL East force. Finally, the Yankees struggled to score runs last season. 96 wins is asking a lot.

MLB Over/Under Totals Betting Predictions: Top 7 Picks for the Upcoming 2022 Season

Previous Betting News

The 2022 Major League Baseball Season throws first pitch on Thursday, April 7. Starting on Thursday, 30 teams in two different leagues play 162 regular season games. One of the most popular bets in baseball is on teams to go over or under total wins. Check out a list of 7 MLB Teams along with picks so you can bet against the MLB Regular Season Totals odds.

Top 7 MLB Teams Over Under Bets This Coming Season

2022 MLB Season

When: Thursday, April 7 – Wednesday, Oct. 5

Tampa Bay Rays – 89.5 games

The Rays starting rotation looks as tough, if not tougher, than it was last season. A lot of the rotation’s success depends on Corey Kluber and Tyler Glasnow.

If Kluber returns to throwing his best pitches, the Rays should grab a wild card. If Glasnow and Kluber return to their best, the Rays can win the AL East. Once again, the Rays start the season under the radar. They can win at least 90 games.

MLB Over Under Pick: Over

Boston Red Sox – 85.5 games

Boston is another AL East team flying under the radar. The Red Sox have the ability to win many more games than the total suggests.

The bats will be there while the rotation is underrated. Nathan Eovaldi and Nick Pivetta should both have good seasons. Tanner Houck had a 3.52 ERA last season. So if the Red Sox step it up at the plate for their third starter, like Eovaldi and Pivetta, he should do well.

MLB Over Under Pick: Over

Kansas City Royals – 74.5 games

Zack Greinke will do his best, but it’s difficult to have faith in the Royals. After Greinke, there’s a major drop off in the rotation.

Brady Singer posted a 4.91 ERA. Brad Keller’s ERA last season was 5.39. Unless the Royals get help on the mound, they won’t win more than 74 games.

MLB Over Under Pick: Under

Los Angeles Angels – 83.5 games

It makes sense why so many like the Angels. First, once you get past Houston, the AL West isn’t all that strong. But Seattle might be the best team in the AL West after the Stros.

Second, Mike Trout is back. Third, Shohei Ohtani will have a great season on the mound and at the plate. But although the Halos have a shot, winning 84 games is a lot to ask because after Ohtani, we must question how well Noah Syndergaard and Pablo Sandoval will throw.

Like so many teams, the bats will be there. The pitching may not.

MLB Over Under Pick: Under

Atlanta Braves – 91.5 games

Matt Olson could be a revelation. The former Oakland A takes Freddie Freeman’s spot. If Olson plays as well as many believe, the Braves could win 92 games.

However, the ATL didn’t win this many games last season and they won the World Series. So, there’s no reason to believe Atlanta eclipses 91 wins.

MLB Over Under Pick: Under

Philadelphia Phillies – 85.5 games

If you’re a Philadelphia fan, 2022 might be your year. The Phillies have the beats for sure. Bryce Harper is great. JT Realmuto is great.

Nick Castellanos will be good, Didi Gregorious should improve big time, and the Phillies landed one of the true terrific designated hitters in baseball, Kyle Schwarber. If Zack Wheeler throws like so many expect him to, the rotation will be solid. Over is the play.

MLB Over Under Pick: Over

Arizona Diamondbacks – 66.5 games

The D’Backs should have trouble scoring runs. When you can’t score runs, you end up pressuring your pitching staff.

Arizona’s rotation isn’t terrible. But there isn’t a single ace among the top five. It’s going to be difficult for the Diamondbacks to score runs or keep opposing teams from scoring runs. Under looks like the best play.

MLB Over Under Pick: Under

2021 World Series, Win Totals, Pennant & Division Odds Analysis

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Okay MyBookie baseball betting nation, with the start of the 2021 MLB regular season less than a month away, now is a great time to look at some of the value-packed MLB odds that are up and available! Let’s get started with a look at the top pennant contenders in both leagues.

MLB Betting | Win totals, World Series, Pennant and Division odds Preview

NL Pennant Odds

LA Dodgers +160
San Diego Padres +400
Atlanta Braves +500
NY Mets +550
St. Louis Cardinals +1200
Cincinnati Reds +1500

Analysis: As you can see, the defending World Series champion Los Angeles Dodgers are prohibitive favorites to win the National League pennant in 2021 – and rightfully so I say. LA added reigning NL Cy Young winner Trevor Bauer in free agency to an already loaded roster that includes superstars like Mookie Betts, Cody Bellinger and Clayton Kershaw among others. Bottom line…it’s going to be hard to dispatch the reigning champs.

I do like two teams to challenge LA for the NL pennant, starting with the Atlanta Braves. The NL East champs have the reigning NL MVP in veteran first baseman Freddie Freeman (.341 BA/13HR/.462 OBP) and arguably the most athletically-gifted player in all of baseball in 23-year-old outfielder Ronald Acuna Jr. (.250 BA/14HR/.406 OBP). Atlanta has a bunch of live arms in the starting rotation and bullpen.

The Braves will also be out for some revenge after blowing a commanding 3-1 lead against the Dodgers in last season’s NLCS. The San Diego Padres have a blossoming superstar in Fernando Tatis Jr. (.277 BA/17 HR/.366 OBP) and now, some experienced pitching with 2018 AL Cy Young winner Blake Snell and Yu Darvish both on board.

Win Total Odds

LA Dodgers – 103.5
NY Yankees – 95.5
San Diego Padres – 95.5
Atlanta Braves – 92.5
NY Mets – 89.5
Chicago White Sox – 90.5
Minnesota Twins – 88.5
Toronto Blue Jays – 87.5
Oakland Athletics – 86.5
Houston Astros – 87.5
Tampa Bay Rays – 86.5
St. Louis Cardinals – 87.5

Analysis: The Dodgers won 71.7 percent of their games last season (43-17). That equates to 115 wins over a full, 162-game season. Yikes! Tampa Bay’s 40-20 mark last season equates to 108 wins in 2021. San Diego’s 37-23 mark (61.7%) last season equates to 99 wins in 2021.

Atlanta’s win percentage mark last season (35-25) equates to 94 wins in 2021. New York’s win percentage last season (33-27) equates to 89 wins in 2021. The Chicago White Sox and Cleveland Guardians (35-25) will both win 94 games in 2021 if they win 58.3 percent of their games like last season. Minnesota and Oakland (36-24) will both win 97 games if they win 60.0 percent of their games like last season. St. Louis (30-28, 51.7%) and Houston (29-31, 48.3%) will not top their respective win total odds if they win at the same rates they did last season.

AL Pennant Odds

NY Yankees +240
Chicago White Sox +350
Minnesota Twins +700
Toronto Blue Jays +700
Tampa Bay Rays +700
Houston Astros +900
Oakland Athletics +1000
Cleveland Indians +1800

Analysis: The Yankees are prohibitive favorites, but I’m not expecting the Yankees to beat out reigning AL East champion Tampa Bay – and possibly division rival Toronto as well. I like Chicago – if they get competent pitching while I expect Houston will be lurking.

My top three picks to win the AL pennant in 2021 are Minnesota and Oakland. The Twins have been knocking on the door for two straight seasons and Tampa Bay just won the AL pennant. Oakland is perennially sneaky good and are now, out from under the huge shadow the Astros have cast in the AL West the last five seasons.

MLB World Series Favorites

LA Dodgers +330
NY Yankees +500
San Diego Padres +800
Atlanta Braves +900
NY Mets +900
Chicago White Sox +1000
Minnesota Twins +1300
Toronto Blue Jays +1500
Oakland Athletics +1800
Houston Astros +1800
Tampa Bay Rays +2000
St. Louis Cardinals +2200

Analysis: It’s the Dodgers first and foremost, followed by picks for Atlanta, Minnesota, Tampa Bay and San Diego. For my second five picks, I’m going with the A’s, White Sox, Yankees and Astros. Happy hunting MyBookie MLB baseball betting faithful!

2017 MLB Regular Season Wins Totals / Top Picks

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With the start of the 2017 MLB regular season just over 24 hours from getting started, now is the perfect time to look at some of the most value-packed season-long win MLB total odds.

Thanks to the quartet of MLB expert picks that I’m about to offer up on four World Series title hopefuls, you could potentially cash in big over the course of the coming season.

Now, let’s get started.

2017 MLB Regular Season Wins Totals / Top Picks

Chicago Cubs (2016: 103-58 SU, 75-79-8 O/U)

NL Central Division Odds: -500
Season win total: 96

Analysis: Do-it-all shortstop Kyle Schwarber is healthy and that means the Cubs will be even more dangerous than they were last season and that’s just scary when you think about Chicago’s powerful batting order. Chicago added veteran hurler Wade Davis to replace the departed Aroldis Chapman in the bullpen and that also looks like another great move seeing as how Davis had a 1.87 ERA last year for Kansas City.

Jon Lester, Kyle Hendricks and Jake Arrieta are as good as any teams top three starters and the Cubs have arguably the best manager in the game today in Joe Maddon. Sure, Wade Davis battled injuries last season and veteran starter John Lackey is aging faster than an octogenarian, but topping 96 wins looks very doable for the lovable Cubbies in 2017.

Season win total pick: Over 96 wins

Boston Red Sox (2016: 93-69 SU, 77-78-7 O/U)

AL East Division Odds: -155
Season win total: 87

Analysis: If left-hander David Price can get over his recent elbow injury to join Rick Porcello and Chris Sale at the top of the rotation, the Red Sox could have the best starting rotation in the American League. Offensively, the Red Sox led the majors in runs a year ago but will have to overcome the loss of the now, legendary David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz. The good news is that Boston has plenty of talent starting with youngsters Mookie Betts and Andrew Benintendi first and foremost. The BoSox also look like they could struggle to close out games is Craig Kimbrel isn’t the answer. Still, I like Boston to narrowly top their 2017 win total odds.

Season win total pick: Over 87

St. Louis Cardinals (2016: 86-76 SU, 83-73-6 O/U)

NL Central Division Odds: +600
Season win total: 84.5

Analysis: The Cardinals managed to win 86 games last season and although that was well behind Chicago’s 1003 wins, I believe St. Louis could be even better in 2017 than they were a year ago. The Cardinals added to their overall talent base by signing veteran outfielder Dexter Fowler and subtracted from the Cubs all at the same time. Matt Carpenter and Aledmys Diaz are expected to provide the pop in St. Louis’ lineup and the Card have a gifted young closer in Seung-hwan Oh, a player that was one save shy last year of being the sixth rookie ever to have 20 saves and 100 strikeouts.

St. Louis will need a good season out of Michael Wacha and Adam Wainwright after their pair of top starters struggled last season and St. Louis loses the big bats of Matt Holliday and Brandon Moss. Still, I think it’s more likely than not that the perennial-winning franchise reaches 85 wins in 2017.

Season win total pick: Over 84.5 wins

Texas Rangers (2016: 95-67 SU, 79-73-10 O/U)

AL West Division Odds: +265

Season win total: 84.5

Analysis: I know the Rangers continually underachieve at the worst time possible, but that usually doesn’t happen until the postseason. Texas looks like the AL West division winner for the third straight season and could have the best pair of 1-2 aces in all of baseball in veterans Cole Hamels and Yu Darvish, though it must be noted that Darvish needs to stay healthy.

As is always the case for Texas, the Rangers will score their fair share of runs in 2017, making the upcoming campaign all about the Rangers pitching – again. Just know that the Rangers had the second-worst bullpen ERA in the American League at 4.40 while being forced to use a whopping 11 different starting pitchers last season. Still, I like Texas to reach the 85-win mark to top their 2017 win total odds.

Season win total pick: Over 84.5 Wins


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