NFL Super Bowl 57 Betting Predictions Five Reasons Why an NFC Team Will Win

NFL Super Bowl 57 Betting Predictions: Five Reasons Why an NFC Team Will Win

In looking at the NFC this season, other than the Philadelphia Eagles, no one team has really stood out. In looking at five reasons why we think an NFC team will win the Super Bowl, we’ve found five components of teams, along with a couple of individual players that we think could lead their team to a win in the big game. Let’s take a look at all five of the reasons, and we’ll give you a brief rundown on each so you can bet on the Super Bowl Lines

5 Betting Reasons of Why an NFC Team Could Win the Super Bowl Title

1. Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Line

Anchored by Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson, this is arguably the best offensive line in the NFL. They have given Jalen Hurts time all season to find open receivers. They have also helped Miles Sanders and the run game. With a great offensive line, you can pound the ball on the ground late in games and run out the clock. This group is arguably the main reason that the Eagles boast the best record in the NFL.

2. Dallas Cowboys Secondary

The Cowboys have one of the best defensive units in the league, and the secondary is a main reason for that. Dallas has allowed the second-lowest amount of passing yards in the league this season. They are near the top of the league in interceptions, and teams are generally afraid to throw the ball against this unit.

3. San Francisco 49ers Defense

Now that they’re fully healthy, the San Francisco 49ers defense can stop anyone. They’ve allowed less than 1000 rushing yards on the season, and if you can’t run the ball in the postseason, it’s hard to win games. With a very strong defensive line that can not only stop the run, but also get to the quarterback, it puts opposing teams in a very bad situation. This unit can lead the Niners to a Super Bowl.

4. Tom Brady

We know that Brady and the Bucs offense aren’t having a very good season, but you can never count a Brady-led team out. Even though Father Time seems to be gaining ground on the ageless wonder, he has still found a way to lead the Bucs to two come-from-behind victories this season. If the Buccaneers offensive line can get healthy, and the running game steps things up, Brady has the ability to get hot and lead the Bucs to another Super Bowl. One thing we’ve learned, that if you think Brady is done, you better think again. 

5. Justin Jefferson

When Jefferson wants to, he can dominate a game. No one has figured out a way to slow down the receiver throughout the season. Even when the throw is bad, Jefferson seems to find a way to snag it. Kirk Cousins has relied heavily on his star receiver. Jefferson has shown a penchant to make the big catch in clutch situations. If he has to make a big play in the postseason, we have no doubt that Jefferson will come up with the catch that will lead the overachieving Vikings to a Super Bowl win. 


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