2022 NFL Betting Tips to Help You Handicap Efficiently the Preseason

2022 NFL Betting Tips to Help You Handicap Efficiently the Preseason

The Hall of Fame Game is already in the books, but the rest of the preseason games are now almost upon us. There are two types of bettors when it comes to the NFL preseason. There are some who love the action and start betting as soon as preseason begins, while others look at these games as far too unpredictable to touch, waiting instead for the regular season before betting. There is no right or wrong here, and as long as you know that the preseason is tough to predict, there is nothing wrong with throwing down a few bets. Here are some tips that might help you navigate NFL Preseason Betting, if you do decide that you are ready to play.

Best Ways to Safely Handicap the 2022 NFL Preseason

Team depth is important

This is especially true when looking at the QB position, as the starter is unlikely to see a lot of time on the field until the final week of preseason. If there is a team with a solid backup or two going against a team that does not have much to offer in the backup QB role, then you are looking at a potential mismatch that you might be able to exploit. This is true, though, of any position, as teams with a lot of depth are probably going to do better in the preseason.

How long are the starters in for?

Generally speaking, the opening week of preseason is usually reserved for backups and guys looking to land with a team. Many of the players that you will see in the opening week will not be on a roster anywhere in the league once the regular season begins. If there is a game that you do want to play, try to get as much information as possible on the starters and how long they might be on the field. Playing a series or two doesn’t mean much, but starters playing for the entire first half could create a potential mismatch.


During the regular season, we are always wary about teams that play on a Sunday and then head into a short week with a Thursday game. The preseason is no different in that regard, as you are going to have teams hooking up on different days rest. Preseason games are often played on non-traditional game days, so look for those mismatches on rest days to try and find an edge of some kind.

Watch out for new coaches

This actually works in a couple of different ways. A new head coach is going to give every player a shot, while also trying new schemes and plays. Players are going to be looking to impress a new head coach, which might well make them more motivated than a team who has an established coach that knows which guys he will be starting once the regular season rolls around. On the flipside, those new schemes could lead to some confusion and busted plays in the early going of preseason.

Every week is new

It is common to expect a high level of unpredictability during the course of the preseason. A team that looked good in Week 1 might not be so great the following week, or vice versa. There are so many personnel changes from week to week that stability and predictability comes into play in every game.


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