NFL 2021 Season: Week 8 Betting Predictions - Sure Losers

NFL 2021 Season: Week 8 Betting Predictions – Sure Losers

Often, the best way to go about handicapping NFL games is to look for the sure-fire losers. Every NFL Week this season, losing plays jump out at us. NFL Week 8 is no exception. Check out the top five teams that are almost guaranteed to lose against the spread so you can bet against their NFL odds.

Sure Losers for Week 8 of the 2021 NFL Regular Season

2021 NFL Week 8

  • When: Thursday, Oct. 28 – Nov. 1

Miami Dolphins +13 ½ versus Buffalo Bills

Tua Tagovailoa got hurt in the first head-to-head, which is one of the reasons the Bills rolled to a 35-0 victory. But although Tua is a decent quarterback, he’s up against it in this.

First, this game takes place at Orchard Park. Second, the Dolphins face the best team in the NFL after a bye. Finally, Miami’s defense is a mess. So Tagovailoa would have to play the best game of his career and Miami’s defense would have to step it up to keep this close. 

Carolina Panthers +3 versus Atlanta Falcons

We should play against some teams no matter the spread. Right now, the Carolina Panthers are a big time play against. 

The problem? Sam Darnold isn’t a good quarterback. The so-called NFL experts kept saying that Darnold only needed a good situation to display his skills. 

There is no better situation than Carolina where Matt Ruhle does everything he can to support his signal-caller. More importantly in regards to this game, the Panthers are on a 4-game losing streak. 

New York Jets +10 versus the Cincinnati Bengals

Zach Wilson is out. Things are so bad for the Jets that they traded for Philadelphia backup Joe Flacco. Wait. Things are worse than that.

Not only did they trade for Flacco, but Flacco will start on Sunday. It’s close to impossible to imagine a situation where Joe Flacco keeps this one close.

Not only that, but the Jets’ defense is a mess. Like in most seasons, playing against the Jets every week has become a great way to cash. 

New England Patriots +5 ½ at the Los Angeles Chargers

Surprised? Don’t be. The Patriots scored 54 points against the Jets in their last. They won’t touch that number versus the Chargers.

New England rookie quarterback Mac Jones has developed into a solid quarterback, but the Patriots don’t have the weapons to consistently beat LAC’s defense. 

The Bolts’ D will teach Pat’s rookie Mac Jones a few lessons. Patriots fall. 

Minnesota Vikings +2 ½ versus the Dallas Cowboys

The Minnesota Vikings are a decent team, but they don’t have the firepower to stick with the Dallas Cowboys. More importantly, the Vikings’ defense isn’t playing as well as it usually does.

Minnesota allows 358.3 yards per game. Decent but not great. Opponents average 22.8 each contest against the Vikings. 

Another reason to go against the Norsemen? They’re 3-3 against the spread and 2-of-3 ATS losses happened at home.  


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