NHL Betting Predictions for Week 17: Best Games to Wager On this Weekend

NHL Betting Predictions for Week 17: Best Games to Wager On this Weekend

The NHL All-Star Game is set to take place this weekend, which makes this weekend of NHL betting way different than usual. With there being no traditional games to bet on, bettors can choose to wager on the All-Star Game instead. But in doing so, there are a few things to consider when betting on the markets up for grabs that make them different than the norm.

Betting Opportunities for the NHL Weekend Games | Week 17

NHL All-Star Game Over/Under

The over/under for the NHL All-Star Game is always an interesting market, as each segment of the festivities comes with a total way higher than that of a normal game. That makes sense, in that defense in an All-Star Game comes with a fraction of the effort that players give in games that matter. Because of that, betting on the over tends to be the popular play for the majority of the games that take place during the All-Star tournament.

It is worth evaluating the attacking situation for each team going into the All-Star Game before committing to any overs. While these games are made up of the best players in the NHL, some teams will have better forwards than others. It would be prudent to identify those teams from the beginning, as their overs will carry more value than the teams whose front lines are a little less dangerous.

NHL All-Star Game Tournament Betting

The All-Star Game features a four-team tournament instead of more traditional East vs. West or North America against the world format. Each of the four divisions in the NHL will have their own All-Star team, with the best players from those divisions playing for the right to win twice and claim the All-Star Game title. This allows bettors to wager on each of the individual first-round matchups and the final, or to bet on which division will win the tournament before it starts.

Of course, it can be hard to predict which team is going to go all the way in the All-Star tournament. The level of effort shown by these teams can fluctuate greatly from one moment to the next, as the only goal of this event is to put on a show for the fans. But taking a close look at the rosters of each team can help bettors get an idea as to which group poses the biggest threat to the rest of the field.

During that evaluation of the All-Star rosters, bettors should be sure not to put too much stock into who is in goal. Without any of the defensive effort to protect the goaltenders from a barrage of shots, you are not going to see any of the netminders stand on their heads in this event. If anything, the team with the best goalies should be avoided when handicapping this tournament, as they will lead their team to be overvalued in the betting markets.

Instead, finding the attacking depth in this tournament is the key to placing successful bets in this event. If you can find that, and your team can give some semblance of effort consistently, you could place the right bet when all is said and done.

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