Updated Stanley Cup Odds After Week 12

Updated Stanley Cup Odds After Week 12

The NHL season has crossed into 2023, and several contenders have emerged as having a shot to lift the Stanley Cup. While there are a couple of clear favorites to go all the way, a few teams have some great value further down the board. Here, we look at the favorite to win the Stanley Cup and some teams worth considering at longer Stanley Cup odds to get the job done.

Updated Stanley Cup Odds After Week 12

The Favorite: Boston Bruins (+600)

What the Boston Bruins have done so far in the Eastern Conference this season is undeniable. They lead the league in points earned on the season, and their +56 goal difference is the best in the league by a wide margin. 

They have won 28 of their 36 games this year and have only lost four games in regulation, as they project to be an extremely tough out for any team in a seven-game series this year.

The question for the Bruins coming into the new year will be their health, as they have proven that they can beat just about anyone at full strength. But with hockey being as physical a sport as it is, a key injury could derail what has been an incredible campaign thus far. For now, though, it makes sense that they would be favored to lift the cup.

The Smart Bet: Tampa Bay Lightning (+1300)

The Tampa Bay Lightning could be that team for those looking for a sharper pick to win the Stanley Cup. They are still at greater than 10/1 odds to win the title this year, which could become a serious value play as the season wears on. After all, this team has won two of the last three Stanley Cups and has appeared in each of the last three cup finals.

While this team has not been nearly as dominant as previous versions of the Lightning, they have the one constant that any team needs to win in the postseason. 

They have elite goaltending that they will be able to rely on, even if this team is not as dangerous when they are in possession of the puck. As long as Andrei Vasilevskiy is between the pipes for this team, they have a shot to go all the way.

The Longshot: Washington Capitals (+3100)

The best longshot bet to win the Stanley Cup could be the Washington Capitals, who are at better than 30/1 odds to win the championship. 

They are in sixth place in the Eastern Conference standings heading into this week, and they are currently in a position to qualify for the playoffs. They certainly have the offensive firepower to make a deep run this year and have championship experience as well.

For the Caps, the question will be their defense, as they have allowed the most goals of any top-six team in the East. They have also scored the second-most goals of any team in the East this year. 

But if the Capitals can get hot in goal for a few weeks this spring, they could easily take home the championship and give bettors a handsome payout for backing them.


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