2020 Tokyo Olympics: Betting Guide for Aquatic Events

2020 Tokyo Olympics: Betting Guide for Aquatic Events

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics is just around the corner, and now it’s as good a time as any to start placing down bets. With 33 sports confirmed for the Olympics, there will be plenty of opportunities to place down a wager; however, knowing how to approach betting on sports is an entirely different story.

For an experienced bettor, betting on soccer, baseball or basketball is as easy as it gets, but how about other, less popular, and less known sports? Everyone has heard of Aquatic Sports before, and you probably know the basics of each of them; however, there are a few key differences when it comes to betting on Olympics Betting Odds.

2020 Tokyo Olympics – Betting Guide – How to bet On Aquatic Sports

In today’s Tokyo 2020 Olympics betting guide, we take a look at tips and tricks everyone should know when placing bets on Aquatic Sports. While we won’t cover all of them, the tips provided in this article are usable across all Aquatic sports that will take place in Japan.

Social Media – A strong Tool for Information

Bookmakers often make mistakes when setting the correct betting line, which is far more common in some less-popular sports – such as aquatic sports. That’s mainly because there isn’t a lot of information available for Swimming, Water Polo, and Diving, as three of the main water sports at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The relatively low number of matches/competitions for Aquatic sports make it hard for the bookmakers to evaluate the teams/athletes properly. However, that offers us – the bettors – an excellent chance to take advantage of the poorly set betting odds.

The bookmakers usually go by the rating and statistics of the competitors, which isn’t always the optimal approach. That’s primarily because rankings don’t take into account injuries and other outside factors that could and will impact the performances.

The best tool to make most of the bookmaker’s lack of knowledge about sports is social media, as an irreplaceable source of information. It’s also wise to follow people who attend aquatic sports events since those often have a much better insight on who will do well rather than simply following at the rankings.

Interestingly, the bookmakers seem to make the most mistakes in women’s aquatic sports, which again goes back to the lack of information.


The Olympic Games is one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world; however, that might not be the case for every athlete/team. It’s no secret that some athletes don’t value Olympic medals as much as others, which is definitely something to keep in mind when picking your bet.

It’s hard to know whether an X athlete is motivated to deliver and win an Olympic gold medal; however, there are ways to help you figure it out. This again brings us back to social media.

Following athletes on their Twitter or Facebook accounts can prove to be very beneficial for you and your betting venture. Having an insight into their everyday life could potentially help you find that “golden nugget” of information – whether it’s an unexpected injury, family issues, stress, or any other indication that the athlete might not be ready to compete for the gold medal.

Young and Hungry Stars

Every aquatic sport has it’s a group of elite athletes who are expected to win their respective sport. And while it’s often hard to deny their quality and ability to come out on top, many people put too much thought into picking out a winner of a small group of favorites and forget about the young stars.

Young athletes, who often make their debuts at the Olympics, should be considered as solid outside picks by any bettor. These relatively unknown names are definitely good enough to compete with the best – since they made it far enough to attend the Olympics – and are arguably the most motivated to win medals and have a breakthrough in their careers.

Although expecting these upcoming stars to defeat heavyweights – such as Katie Ledecky in swimming – is a bit too optimistic, a bet on a strong finish could offer plenty of value. Alternatively, some bookmakers provide head-to-head bets, which is a market that can be used very efficiently if you know where to look.


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