2020 Tokyo Olympics: Betting Guide for Gymnastics Events

2020 Tokyo Olympics: Betting Guide for Gymnastics Events

A couple of years ago, rumors swirled that the Olympics might end boxing competitions. To use a word from the software industry, boxing had become a legacy sport. But a massive outcry, and the rise in women’s boxing, has made boxing popular again. Anybody wishing to score dollars on Olympic boxing must understand how fighting for medals is different than boxing for title belts. We start our Olympic boxing primer with that in mind before talking about the boxers at the 2020 Tokyo Games who should stand on the podium.  Let’s jump right into action so you can bet against their Olympics Boxing odds.

2020 Tokyo Olympics – Boxing Odds – How to bet and win

2020 Olympic Games
  • When: Friday, July 23 – Monday, August 9
  • Where: Tokyo, Japan

Understand that amateur, Olympic Boxing, is different than pro boxing

Knowing the difference between Olympic Boxing and pro boxing is most important. Pro boxing happens from 4 rounds to 12 rounds. Championship bouts never happen at less than 8 rounds on the women’s side. 

Championship pro boxing matches never happen at less than 12 rounds on the men’s side. Pro boxers take their time in the early rounds because they want to save something in the tank for the later rounds.

In Olympic Boxing, each round lasts for 2 minutes and there are 4 rounds in each bout. The goal for the Olympic boxer is volume. They don’t try to set up opponents for a technical knockout or knockout victory. 

Since there are only 4 rounds and each round is 2 minutes long, Olympic boxers go right at each other and throw as many punches as possible to score points.  

Experience matters, but it may not matter as much as you think

Experienced boxers have an edge in an Olympic match, but experience doesn’t matter as much at the amateur level as it does at the pro level. Amateurs can learn the Olympic game much quicker than the pro game.

There are only a few sports that can captivate the audience as much as gymnastics. Many would be shocked to hear that gymnastics competitions have been one of the most-watched events at the Olympics, and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics won’t be any different.

It’s hard to say where the appeal for gymnastics lies, but its centenary has something to do with the sport being easy to understand without needing to engage in extensive research on what the athletes need to do to win.

Today we take a look at the teams and athletes you should watch out for at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, so you know how to bet on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Betting Odds.

Gymnastics Betting Guide for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

2020 Tokyo Olympics Gymnastics

  • When: July 24 – August 3
  • Where: Olympic Gymnastic Centre in Tokyo, Japan

2020 Tokyo Olympics Gymnastics schedule

The first week of the competition will feature the all-around for both team and individual, followed by specific apparatuses. The 2020 Tokyo Gymnastics will kick off with men’s qualifying for team all-around, individual all-around, and apparatus finals on Saturday, July 24.

On the following day, women will qualify in those disciplines.

The men’s finals will take place on Monday, July 26, while the women’s finals are slated for Tuesday, July 27. The competition will continue with men’s individual all-around on Wednesday, July 28, and women’s individual all-around the following day. The apparatus finals will be held on August 1-3.

Sandwiched between the individual all-around finals and the apparatus finals will be the trampoline competitions, starting with women on July 30 and men’s competition on Saturday, July 31.

The rhythmic gymnastics is scheduled for August 6-8, with the women’s individual qualifiers on Friday, August 6. The finals are slated for August 7, with the team qualifiers taking place later the same day, culminating with the team finals on August 8.

Men’s Gymnastics Favourites

Japan is the reigning Olympic champion in men’s gymnastics and the second-most successful country in history. The Japanese have won 97 gymnastic gold medals on the men’s side, which included 31 gold medals.

The Soviet Union has won 94 medals (39 gold), while Russia added 21 medals and four golds, making Russia by far the most accomplished country in the sport. Russian athletes finished second in Rio five years ago; however, they are the reigning world champions.

Meanwhile, Japan managed only bronze in Rio but is coming off a runner-up finish at the 2019 World Championships.

To no one’s surprise, Russia and Japan are expected to compete for gold in Tokyo. However, there are plenty of athletes from other countries that have proven their worth and should be considered as strong candidates to steal the spotlight.

Japan’s Kōhei Uchimura is by far the most successful athlete, having won the last two all-around men’s titles, but will face tough competition from Great Britain’s Max Whitlock. However, the latter hasn’t competed in any major events since the 2016 Olympics.

Nikita Nagornyy of Russia joins the field of favorites as the reigning world champion, alongside his countrymen Artur Dalaloyan, who claimed silver at the 2019 World Championships. Ukraine’s Oleg Vernyayev won bronze in 2019 but has claimed silver in the all-round in Brazil.

Women’s Gymnastics Favourites

While Japan and Russia dominate the men’s competition, it’s the United States whose female athletes are considered the best in the world. The US has won the past two team Olympic team championships and are expected to three-peat this year in Japan.

Still, the Russian team is always a threat, having edged out China for silver in 2016 after China won gold on home soil in 2008. Italy’s women’s team could prove to be a strong underdog, having won bronze at the 2019 World Championships, where they edged out China by just over half a point.

While many will wonder whether the USA can claim their third team gold medal, the real question is whether anyone can stop Simone Biles. She is not only the defending Olympics champions but a five-time world champion.

The only real threat for Billes seems to be China’s Tang Xijing, who finished two points behind her at the 2019 World Championships. Switzerland’s Giulia Steingruber is a live underdog, having finished third in Rio on the vault, while Sanne Wevers of Netherlands is the defending champion on the balance beam, which Biles won at the World Championships.

Trampoline, Rhythmic Gymnastics Favourites

Russia are the reigning champions in the team rhythmic gymnastics; Spain finished runners-up in Rio, while Bulgaria finished in third. Surprisingly, Spain did not qualify for the team competition this year, which should make the 2020 Tokyo rhythmic gymnastics competition a bit more exciting and unpredictable.

In the men’s trampoline, Belarusian Uladzislau Hancharou is the defending Olympic champion from 2016 Rio and was the key man behind Belarus’ 2019 World Championship team title.  However, the Olympics only sponsors individual competitions, meaning Hancharou will have to battle his main two competitors in Dong Dong and Gao Lei of China.

Lei is the defending world champion from 2019 when Dong won bronze.

On the women’s side, Canada’s Rosie MacLennan is the defending champion and 2019 World Championship bronze medalist. Her main competitors are Great Britain’s Bryony Page and China’s Li Dan, who won silver and bronze in Rio.

Chisato Doihata and Hikaru Mori join the list of the favorites as the 2019 World Championship silver medalist and champion, respectively.

Olympics Betting News

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Also, the nature of Olympic Boxing makes a fast and furious sport. Again, think volume. So if a boxer doesn’t have much experience but has quicker hands than their opponent and has shown the ability to throw a massive volume of punches, that boxer might be worth a look.  

Look for under the radar boxers and, as always, back overlays before underlays

Also consider under the radar boxers as opposed to fighters that have gotten the most press. Top pros like Michael Conlan and Roy Jones Jr. have lost out on winning the gold medal. 

Mike Tyson didn’t even make the Olympic team. Oscar De La Hoya won a gold medal, but he wasn’t favored in his weight class. Upsets happen all the time in Olympic boxing. 

Boxing handicap advice

Start handicapping boxing matches by concentrating on fighters from two nations and one geographical area.  

Fighters from the Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and other countries that made up the former U.S.S.R have dominated the medal count in recent years. Some of those fighters, like Vasiliy Lomachenko and Dimitry Bivol, have become pro champions. 

Boxers from the United States have performed well in recent Olympics and World Championship competitions. So have boxers from Cuba. 

Start there. If the boxer you prefer is at an underlay number, though, consider backing the chalk’s opponent. Underlay and overlay betting rules apply no matter the matchup. 


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