Top Soccer Betting Picks for the Week – February 18th Edition

Top Soccer Betting Picks for the Week – February 18th Edition

Written by on February 18, 2019

As in most weeks, great matches should take place on the pitch. Starting on Wednesday with Shalke 04 versus Premier League top team Manchester City, the soccer action should be fast, furious, and, hopefully, lead to some wins in our online sportsbook.

Check out Shalke 04 vs Manchester along with 3 other terrific matchups:  Bournemouth vs Wolverhampton, Sevilla FC vs Barcelona, and Chelsea vs Manchester City on Sunday in the Carabao Cup.

Top Soccer Betting Picks for the Week – February 18th Edition

Wednesday, Feb. 20

UEFA Champions League

  • Shalke 04 vs Manchester City

Shalke 04 is in fourteenth place in the German Bundesliga, but they finished second in Group D behind FC Porto in the Champions League. That’s why they battle Manchester City in this match on Wednesday. Shalke 04’s had an up and down season. Do they have any shot versus Man City on Wednesday?

Probably not. The top squad in the English Premier League has won 4 straight. They’ve outscored their last two opponents, Chelsea and Newcastle, 10-1. Shalke 04 will give it a shot, but they won’t succeed in even keeping this match close.

Soccer Betting Prediction: Manchester City 4, Shalke 1

Saturday, Feb. 23

English Premier League

  • AFC Bournemouth vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

Bournemouth has a 10-3-13 record. The 13 losses are tough to swallow if you’re an AFC fan. That’s particularly true because save for an inexplicable 4-0 victory over Chelsea, Bournemouth’s been outscored 5-0 in their last couple of matches. Cardiff City beat AFC 2-0 while Liverpool took them down 3-0.

Wolverhampton takes an 11-6-9 record into this fray on Saturday. The Wanderers looked good beating Bristol City 1-0 in the FA Cup in their last. Wolverhampton has 5 wins and 2 draws in their last 7 matches played. They should handle Bournemouth on Feb. 23.

Soccer Betting Prediction: Wolverhampton 2, Bournemouth 1

La Liga Primera Division

  • Sevilla FC vs Barcelona

With a 16-6-2 record, Barcelona remains the best team in La Liga. But, look who Barca lost to the last time they did lose? Sevilla FC beat them 2-0.

Sevilla’s 10-7-7. They must battle Lazio in the Europa League before this match. Even if they lost that, they could surprise on Saturday. The odds should be nice and although Villareal made them look silly in an 0-3 loss in their last La Liga Primera Division match, there’s plenty of reasons to believe Sevilla FC steps it against Messi and his mates.

Soccer Betting Prediction: Sevilla FC 3, Barcelona 2

Sunday, Feb. 24

Carabao Cup

  • Chelsea vs Manchester City

Chelsea’s a strange team to figure out. For every massive loss, 0-6 to Man City, 0-4 to Bournemouth, they come up with an impressive win, 5-0 over Huddersfield Town and 2-1 over Tottenham.

While Chelsea’s hard to figure, Manchester City is easy to figure. Man City, like they have the past few EPL Seasons, dominated when given the chance. They’re the best team in the English Premier League right now and dominated Chelsea the last time they faced them. They’ll beat Chelsea again on Sunday.

Soccer Betting Prediction: Manchester City 3, Chelsea 0