Super Bowl 57 Betting Tips: Is it Better to Do Early or Late Bets?

Super Bowl 57 Betting Tips: Is it Better to Do Early or Late Bets?

Written by on January 31, 2023

Every season, Super Bowl handicappers face the same question, should we bet early or bet late? The Super Bowl happens two weeks after NFL Conference Championships, which means we have an entire 14 days to decide on which team we like. But if we bet late, we may miss out on optimal odds. If we bet early, we could miss out on information that could sway us in a different direction. Betting early or late is a conundrum for sure. To help us make a decision, we’ve come up with 3 Super Bowl Betting reasons to bet early and three reasons to bet the Lombardi Trophy game late. 

Early vs Late Super Bowl LVII Bets | What’s the Best Betting Strategy

Super Bowl LVII

  • When: Sunday, Feb. 12, 2023
  • Where: State Farm Stadium, Glendale, AZ
  • TV: Fox

3 Reasons to bet Super Bowl 57 early

  1. You like the Eagles and believe the line rises

As of Jan. 31, the Eagles are -1.5 to beat Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. So far, 70% believe the Eagles win and cover.

So if you like the Eagles, you should probably bet as soon as possible. Jalen Hurts’ shoulder will only get better and if the trend holds, Philly’s odds should be much worse on game day than they are now. 

  1. You believe pro handicappers jump on the Chiefs

Let’s say you don’t like the Eagles but you like the Chiefs. If that’s the case, you may also want to consider betting early. The reason?

KC is at +1.5. So if pro handicappers dump on the Chiefs, and you don’t bet before it happens, KC could become the chalk, and it could be by a wide margin, -2 to -2.5 or even up to -3 depending on how much money.

So if you believe pros go with KC, and you’re going that way as well, back Kansas City at +1.5. before the spread line flips. 

  1. You don’t think the line will change much

There’s no reason to bet early if you aren’t leaning towards the Eagles or Chiefs and you don’t believe the line will change much. Wait for injury info the week of before dropping dollars. 

3 Reasons to bet Super Bowl 57 late

  1. You want to know where the pro handicappers will land

Pro handicappers wait for public money to push an NFL against the spread line. Then they decide which team to back. For pros, it’s all about value.

So if you want to follow the pros, waiting to see which team they back is the way to go.  

  1. You’re a Chiefs fan and aren’t sure about Patrick Mahomes injury status

If you like the Chiefs to win Super Bowl 57, one thing is top of mind, what’s the status of Magic Mahomes’ ankle? Patrick led KC to a victory over Cincinnati on one foot.

Providing the same performance against the Eagles could be tough. Waiting to see Patrick’s injury status means betting late. 

  1. You like the Eagles but you believe more money will go towards KC the closer we get to kickoff

Let’s say you like the Eagles. But you also believe people aren’t backing the Chiefs just yet because everybody is wondering about Mahomes’ ankle.

If that’s the case, and you believe Patrick will be okay, it makes sense to wait. The more money that lands on the Chiefs, the better your odds as an Eagles’ backer. So waiting for pros to dump on KC before betting makes sense.


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