Super Bowl National Anthem Prop Bets Worth Going After

Super Bowl National Anthem Prop Bets Worth Going After

Written by on February 8, 2023

Part of the love of betting on the Super Bowl is that it’s the final NFL game of the year. It’s going to be seven long months before you get to bet on another football game, so you better take advantage.

It’s also a great matchup, making it fun to place a wager. Who doesn’t want to bet on a game between two great quarterbacks, two great coaches, and two teams that have survived 20 weeks of NFL football?

But let’s also be honest. A big part of what we love about Super Bowl betting is the wide variety of proposition bets that you can’t find any other week of the season and the bets begin paying off before the ball is even kicked off.


Super Bowl National Anthem Prop Bets


National Anthem Length

The most known of the Super Bowl novelty prop bets is the over/under on the length of the National Anthem. The singers for the Anthem reads like a who’s-who of American singers, ranging from Pink and Lady Gaga, to Billy Joel, Beyonce, and Luke Bryan.

Because these are all A-lister performers, they all put their own spin on the Anthem. And that generally means that the length of the song also changes. Alicia Keys holds the record for the longest Anthem at 2 minutes and 36 seconds at Super Bowl XLVII. One of the shortest in recent history was Kelly Clarkson at just 1 minute and 34 seconds a year earlier at Super Bowl XLVI.

Country singer Chris Stapleton is the singer for Super Bowl LVII. This is his first Super Bowl National Anthem, and the over/under has been set at 2:02. The over has hit in three of the last four Super Bowls.


Other Top Novelty Props

Right after the Anthem has finished and you have cashed in your winnings on that bet, it’s the coin toss. This wager, as you can probably guess, comes with a 50% chance of hitting. Your wager options are heads or tails.

You can also place a wager on the very first play of the game. Will it be a run or pass? Will it be a completed pass or fall incomplete? Or will it be a sack, which has a distinct possibility with two teams that recorded 125 regular seasons sacks in 2022.

The novelty props continue even when the action on the field pauses. You can wager on which car company will have the first commercial, as well as which brand will be featured in the first beer commercial. And you can wager on a variety of celebrities at the game, which ones will be seen the most on camera, and who will get specifically mentioned by the broadcast team.

And even when the game is over, the proposition bets continue. You can wager on the color of the Gatorade shower that the winning coach will get. When the Chiefs won Super Bowl LIV, the color was orange. When the Eagles won Super Bowl LII, the color was yellow.

The last two champions, the Rams and Buccaneers, dumped blue Gatorade on their head coach.


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