2022 French Open Betting Predictions: Possible Upsets Throughout the Tournament

2022 French Open Betting Predictions: Possible Upsets Throughout the Tournament

The French Open is approaching, with Nadal in pain and Djokovic losing consistency. That leaves Roland Garros to take the show, improving his stats.

Just a week away from the opening set of the 2022 French Open, fans, experts and players are beginning to prepare for what is expected. It’s possible that this will turn out to be yet another prime edition of Roland Garros. 

With the Australian Open in the past and as the first Grand Slam of the year, expectations are also starting to build as to which players will take on the lead and fight for the French Open title. However, with some elite names topping the list, there is still a margin for unexpected outcomes in top-class matches. Let’s have a look at our ATP Betting predictions for the possible upsets so you can make your bets against the French Open Odds.

Possible Upsets on the Way to the French Open Finals | ATP Betting

At the Top of the List

Before every Grand Slam tournament begins, elite names always top the list. The first two players that come to mind are Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. Nadal proved to have a solid start in the 2022 season with his first major victory in Australia. 

The Spaniard played a solid game against Russian Daniil Medvedev. The final match was expected to go five sets, but the experience behind the talent of a world-class player such as Nadal allowed him to reach the very top of the tournament. 

With 13 French Open titles, Nadal most likely tops the list as the number one seed to take on this year’s edition of Roland Garros. However, right behind Nadal comes Serbian star Djokovic who currently leads the ATP rankings as the top player in the world. 

Unfortunately, with two French Open titles, Djokovic has not had the consistency that Nadal and other players have achieved on the clay court. Still, the Serbian player won last year’s edition of the French tournament bringing his total count to two Roland Garros Trophies.  

Contenders Chasing Top Seeds 

The first obvious player to shine a light on is Russian native Medvedev. With just one grand slam title, Medvedev has still proven to be consistent and desiring to climb to the very top of the elite. 

Big names are materialized by titles and trophies. With a US Open title already in his collection, Medvedev had an unforgettable 2021 by earning his first grand slam title. This has allowed him to remain number two in the ATP rankings. 

Along with Medvedev comes German native Alexander Zverev. With no major titles on his resume, Zverev has also accomplished ranking among the tennis elite. Currently, as third overall in the ATP rankings, Zverev might just become one of those key figures that change the course of top stars aiming for the finals. 

With raw young talent following more veteran players, some potential duels could truly change the course of the tournament. However, to experts, the numbers speak for themselves, and top seeds remain the number one choice for all tennis fans to follow. 

With a combined Grand Slam victory and an Olympic gold medal, Zverev is just beginning his stance among the tennis elite. What is clear is that clay courts have sometimes surprised even the top players. That could mean a significant deviation for elite players to make a run for the French Open final. 

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