2022 NCAA Football Betting Tips to Cash In the 1st Weeks of the Season

2022 NCAA Football Betting Tips to Cash In the 1st Weeks of the Season

Before we know it, the first games in the 2022 College Football season will happen. Opening day is August 27. So we had better start thinking gridiron. The first few weeks of the college football season always presents a challenge because unlike the NFL, consistency in the amateur ranks is difficult to maintain. Check out NCAAF Betting tips for you to make money in the first weeks of the college football season.  

How to Make Money By Betting On the First Weeks of the College Football Season

2022 College Football Season – Week 1 to Week 3

  • When: Saturday, Aug. 27 – Saturday, Sep. 17

Play against overrated home favorites

Last year, Clemson was an overrated home favorite. The Tigers’ offensive line wasn’t very good, which is why Georgia upset Clemson.

The Dawgs would eventually go on to win the National Championship. Clemson would lose three more times, all within the first 7 weeks. 

This year’s top overrated favorite in the first week could be the LSU Tigers playing in what amounts to a home game in New Orleans against Florida State. 2022 could be a transition season for LSU while the Seminoles should be much improved from last season. 

Don’t buy into all the hype

There’s hype and there’s hype. The hype around USC makes sense because the Pac-12 isn’t a very good football conference and Lincoln Riley convinced starters from Oklahoma, including QB Caleb Miller, to join him in Los Angeles. 

The hype surrounding Georgia may not make sense because the defending champs lost 8 starters from their fantastic defense. 5 of those defensive starters went in the first round in April’s NFL Draft. 

UGA has something to prove and the SEC is the best conference in college football. The Pac-12 might be the worst Power 5 conference in NCAAF. So Riley and the Trojans should dominate from the outset. 

Downgrade some teams with new coaches 

Riley going to USC is an upgrade for the Trojans. So is Bill Napier at Florida. Right away Napier should find success. 

Brian Kelly going to LSU isn’t an upgrade over Ed Orgeron. Kelly will struggle. Brian Harsin, in his second season with Auburn, will also struggle. 

When downgrading teams because of new coaches, you must dig deep. But it’s worth digging because LSU and Oregon will offer plenty of opportunities to play against in the first few weeks. 

Give teams with returning, top, offensive lines an edge

The teams with the best offensive lines rule college football. Once again, Alabama should have a stellar line. 

USC’s offensive line should be dynamite. So if you want to back chalk to cover, the Crimson Tide and the Trojans is a good place to start.

Also look for teams that may not have offensive lines with as much talent as they had a season ago and look for lines that may not have improved from last season. So the jury is out on Clemson’s line, the Tigers’ 2021 Achilles Heel.

The jury is also out on Ohio State’s O-line. The Buckeyes will move Paris Johnson, who played guard in 2021, back to tackle.  

Pay attention to top recruiting teams Texas A&M, but don’t bet those teams blindly to cover

Texas A&M has the top-ranked recruiting class for this season. But the Aggies may not be good enough to win the SEC West over Alabama. 

Still, depending on the odds in the first few weeks, A&M should cover spreads like nobody’s business. Their sheer amount of talent gives them an edge.

A team that had a great recruiting season that is under the radar are the Arizona Wildcats. Circle the Cats, take a look at who they’re starting in their first few game, and consider backing depending on the spread. 


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