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NFL Coronavirus (COVID-19) NFL Update – July 14th Edition

NFL Coronavirus (COVID-19) NFL Update – July 14th Edition

Written by on July 14, 2020

Washington decided to change their nickname. That’s not the only thing that happened this past week in the NFL. The league also released more information on their season starting plans. Check out an updated NFL Odds & News on where NFL and the Super Bowl stand in their quest to start the 2020 football season with our Coronavirus (COVID-19) NFL Read More
Ranking Super Bowl 52 Real Favorites and Underdogs (1-32)

Ranking Super Bowl 52 Real Favorites and Underdogs (1-32)

Written by on July 24, 2017

We’ve had more than enough time to percolate on the offseason NFL moves and now it’s time to address what can be expected of the 32 teams. #Spoiler Alert: Tom Brady and the Patriots lead the crop of Super Bowl 52 odds favorites while the 49ers (even with their somewhat nice offseason moves) are holding fort among the worst NFL betting Read More
DEC 19 - Sportsbetting 101 What Is Situational Betting

Sportsbetting 101: What Is Situational Betting?

Written by on December 19, 2016

The situational betting angle is one of the most undervalued handicapping strategies in all of sports betting. Maybe it’s because too many situations can affect the outcome of a bet, or maybe it’s because few people understand how to use this handicapping strategy. Whatever the case, we believe it’s about time we appreciate this betting strategy and add it into Read More

Line Movements And How To Read Into Them

Written by on November 17, 2016

In sports betting, or any betting for that matter, you will rarely find the lines staying static at the opening number. This is based on the fact that, as soon as the lines go live, the betting public begins to pound on the side they like, and as a result, the books are forced to move the line either positively Read More
Iowa State at Kansas Lines, Free Pick & TV Info

Betting Tips For College Basketball Bettors

Written by on November 17, 2016

Betting on college basketball is always fun. But it can be very challenging as well, especially for handicappers that aren’t vastly knowledgeable about the nature of college basketball odds and how to choose the matchups to wager on from the hundreds of games that are played in the five-month season span from November to March. Fortunately, you can easily avoid Read More

Sportsbetting Strategies: NFL Sharp Money Explained

Written by on November 14, 2016

NFL betting lines are usually subject to several factors, and that often leads to a lot of movement in the betting lines, especially in games involving popular teams. It is therefore imperative for bettors to keep an eye on the sportsbooks, paying attention right from the moment opening lines are released to the last minute when the closing odds are Read More

Handicapping College Football Conference Championships

Written by on November 14, 2016

The conundrum of early season expectations, coaching and personnel changes, break-out and slump performances, along with unforeseen suspensions and injuries plus inexplicable wins and losses, always make up for a mind-raking puzzle when it comes to handicapping college football conference championships. Fortunately for the bookmakers and the bettors, regular NCAA football lines adjustments and weekly or monthly college football betting Read More

Common Mistakes For College Football Betting

Written by on November 14, 2016

So you’ve been dutifully digging through the internet for betting strategies and religiously betting on college football for the longest time you can remember yet the profits just don’t seem to come your way? Well, if so, then chances are that you have been making the following common college football betting mistakes. A Closer Look At The Common Mistakes For Read More

Differences Between Betting On NBA And College Basketball

Written by on November 14, 2016

In theory, betting on the NBA and betting on college basketball shouldn’t be that different, as both involve talented players, more-or-less the same courts and similar rules. But in reality, there are many differences in these two disciplines, especially for basketball betting enthusiasts. In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the top differences and how Read More

Tips For Making The Most Of Basketball Halftime Betting

Written by on November 10, 2016

Halftime betting is a seldom used option by most basketball betting enthusiasts, yet it remains as one of the most intriguing and profitable options for bettors. In this online sportsbetting guide, we will be offering a number of tips to help you make the most of halftime basketball betting. Analyzing The Tips For Making The Most Of Basketball Halftime Betting Read More

Using College Basketball Polls In Your NCAAB Odds Handicapping

Written by on November 9, 2016

For the most part, polls of any kind are a creation of the media, which are largely based on popular opinions and subject to hype about on-going events with tidbits of truths to make them believable. As such, a good number of polls give good projections about teams that are primed for breakout seasons and downfalls (see the 2016 NFL Read More

Optimal Strategy For Super-Heated Rivalry Game Betting

Written by on November 7, 2016

When it comes to wagering on sports, there is nothing more exhilarating and equally risky than betting on heated rivalry games. From unmatched intensity to riveted emotions, these games can be very confusing to bet on. Here are a few online sportsbetting tips that can be used by handicappers when betting on rivalry games. Analyzing The Optimal Strategy For Super-Heated Read More

Oakland Vs Jacksonville NFL Winning Predictions

Written by on October 22, 2016

Two of the best third-year quarterbacks will be squaring it out this week when the Derek Carr and the Oakland Raiders face off against Blake Bortles and the Jacksonville Jaguars at the EverBank Field this Sunday. Advise your online NFL betting odds for this game with the succinct game preview specially prepared for you below. Analyzing The Oakland Raiders Vs Jacksonville Read More

How To Get Bigger Profits By Betting Against Tired NCAAF Teams

Written by on October 19, 2016

College football is an extremely physical and labor-intensive sport that is bound to come with fatigue for the players after a given run of games. A bad case of fatigue can easily mess up the winning chances of even the best teams. This means that, as a bettor, you have to consider the element of fatigue when handicapping college football Read More