Slot Machine Myths, Tips And Strategies

In this article, we will be taking a comprehensive look at slot machines, separating fact from fiction about the slots, and also detailing a number of slot machine strategies and tips that will legitimately help out your winning chances.

Here’s A Closer Look At The Slot Machine Myths, Tips And Strategies


How Slot Machines Work

Before we demystify the truths and myths about slot machines, it is important that we first understand how these machines work. Essentially, slot games generate numbers using computer programs that are known as Random Number Generators (RNGs). These RNGs control the stop positions of a slot’s reels, and do so in a randomized way using several complex algorithms that make it impossible to predict what’s going to happen on any given spin. More notably, each spin of the wheel happens as an independent event, meaning the result of your current spin doesn’t have an effect on the result of your next spin. With such factors being considered, slot machines will always have a huge mathematical advantage over you at any given time.

So how then do you beat slot machines? Well, there’s no foolproof answer to that, but the tips and strategies below will certainly help a lot.

Slot Machine Tips and Strategies

Practice Slot Games Before Committing into Money Games

Like they say, practice makes perfect. And no, there is no perfection in slot games, but you are more likely to succeed in a game when you know your way around it. With plenty of places to play slot games for free, you should have no excuse of going into the world of betting real money without proper preparation.

Play Less Expensive Slot Machines

The idea behind this strategy is that less expensive slots allow you to play many games at a cheap cost thus giving you more opportunities to win while limiting your losses. This helps you avoid the risk of losing big and playing limited games in more expensive slot machines. The same line of thought holds true for avoiding progressive slots (jackpots and all), as they provide low opportunities for winning.

Have Your Budget

Slot games are a lot of fun and that can easily make them addictive, meaning you may not want to stop playing once you get started. Also, it is very easy to get caught up in chasing losses just in the same way one would get caught up in chasing for the next win. To ensure that you don’t go overboard in whichever occasion, establish a budget and see to it that you stick to your preset money management plan.

Take Advantage of Freebies

Most, if not all, casinos have reward, bonus and loyalty programs that are purposefully put in place to reel in customers. There’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of such offers. In fact, it is greatly encouraged that you seek out these freebies, as long as they don’t come with ‘risky’ conditions attached to them.

Look for the Best Payouts

Every slot machine usually has a payout chart, and you should ensure that the pay rates are fair before depositing your money. By finding the highest-paying slots games, it ensures that you make a big profit when you win.

Popular Slot Machine Myths: True or False?

Myth #1: Loose Slots Exist (True)

A loose slot machine simply means that it tends to pays out more than other slots. Each slot game’s payout percentage is usually a measurement of how much money it pays to gamers compared to how much money it receives. That, in essence, is the reason why the term is subjective and is viewed differently by different slot players. The general consensus, however, is that lose slots exists and can be in for a good payout if you strike lucky on them. Of course, it is possible for a “loose slot” with a 96% payback to go weeks without paying out a significant sum when one with a “tight slot” with 88% payback severally within the same duration, so cautious optimism is advised when dealing with the lose slots.

Myth #2: Lose Slots Are Commonly Found in Strategic Places (True)

Most land-based casinos are believed to have looser slots near the entrance of their premises, or next to coffee shops and cafes. This is not always the case for all casinos, but there is definitely some truth to this viewpoint. The reasoning here is that when someone wins in a slot machine near the entrance of a cafe or a casino, it will most likely attract the attention of others, who will also want to play in the same machine or within the same casino.

Myth #3: Betting Denominations Matter in Winning Odds (True)

It is widely believed–and proven, to some extent–that those slot machines that require more money to play tend to offer better odds of winning. A betting denomination of $.05 does not allow a casino to make as much money as that of $1, so you will most likely find machines with low denominations paying less often than those that need huge denominations. The more profits made from slots of higher denominations ($1 and above) increases the likelihood of better odds of winning being offered in that machine, given that a high volume of money is getting washed through the slot.

Myth #4: Slots Odds are Consistent for the Same Game (False)

As was mentioned earlier, slot games are reliant on complicated RNGs that generate random values between 1 and billions, so there’s no way the odds will be the same in one game. If you are looking to find mathematical advantage, the only reliable place you can find it is by checking out the machine’s published payout percentage.

Myth #5: The More You Play, The More You are Likely to Win (False)

Again, the randomization of the RNGs is what will determine stop positions of the reels. This means that you can’t necessarily determine if and when you will be winning on the basis of how many times you can play. So whereas it is true that everyone has a chance to win and lose in the long run of things, it is totally misguiding to say or believe that the more you play, the more you are likely to win. I mean, you can play in a casino the entire afternoon and not win anything, and while someone comes in and wins on his first spin of the wheel.

Myth #6: Finding Patterns on Slots Increase Your Winning Chances (False)

The idea of finding patterns is often referred to as the “Zig Zag System”, where players are encouraged to find “X” or “V” shapes that are said to mean that a machine is ready to pay off soon. The symbols on the slots are simply for beauty and aesthetic value; they have nothing to do with meaning that the machines are due for a win.

Myth #7: It is Possible to Calculate Slot Machine Odds (False)

The mathematical algorithms that go into determining winning odds are insurmountably complicated and tough to explain, let alone calculate. It is therefore nearly impossible for an average slots player (which is more than three-quarters of your every-day player) to reliably calculate the odds.

Final Rejoinder on Slot Machines

No matter what you read, it is important to remember that the house will ALWAYS have a mathematical edge over you. So while the occasional win is very possible, you should always be prepared to accept losses. In fact, you are more likely to win when you go to play with the mindset of wanting to have fun, rather than trying to focus on winning, which as we now know is a case of randomness and luck.