Africa Cup of Nations Semifinal Matches Betting Analysis, Odds & Picks

Africa Cup of Nations Semifinal Matches Betting Analysis, Odds & Picks

Written by on February 1, 2022

On Wednesday, February 2, the Africa Cup of Nations Semifinals take place. Two of the top soccer nations on the continent, Egypt and Cameroon, play in Thursday’s semifinal. In Wednesday’s semifinal, Senegal takes on the longest shot left in the tournament, Burkina Faso. Will Burkina Faso keep their Africa Cup of Nations dream alive? Or will Senegal end the underdog’s hopes? Which team wins when Egypt throws down against Cameroon? Keep reading for Africa Cup of Nations odds, analysis, and free picks for Senegal versus Burkina Faso and Egypt against Cameroon.  

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Senegal -117 vs Burkina Faso +400

  • When: Wednesday, Feb. 2

The last time these two teams met was in the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations. Senegal and Burkina Faso drew in two separate games. The first draw ended 0-0. The second draw ended 2-2.

Heading into this match, Senegal has played very well, winning 3 and drawing twice in their last 5. On Jan. 25, the chalk beat Cape Verde Islands 2-0.

Burkina Faso doesn’t enter the match playing as well as Senegal. Burkina Faso has won 3 with a draw and a single loss in their last 5. But in the last couple of matches, versus Ethiopia and Gabon, Burkina Faso drew. The home team in this beat Gabon via penalty kicks.

Senegal played the much better knockout stage match. Burkina Faso’s run to the semifinals has inspired many. But the run should end on Wednesday. Senegal gets the win. 

Soccer Pick: Senegal  

Egypt +275 vs Cameroon +116

  • When: Thursday, Feb. 3

Both teams are playing well enough to win this match. Egypt has won 4 straight: 1-0 against Guinea-Bissau, 1-0 versus Sudan, via penalty kicks in a match versus the Ivory Coast, and 2-1 against Morocco.

Cameroon has one of Africa’s most successful soccer programs. The home team in this proved it by beating Comoros Islands 2-1 on Jan. 24 and besting Gambia 2-0 on Jan. 29. Cameroon and Egypt haven’t faced off since 2017. 

On Thursday, Cameroon should march to the Africa Cup Nations Finals. Although Egypt is in decent form, Cameroon’s defense stepped it up against both Comoros Islands and Gambia. The Egyptians may have to work much harder than they’d like to get open shots.

Cameroon will take advantage if Egypt pushes their attack. The home team is very good at counter attacking. So give Cameroon the edge to win the second semifinal.  

Soccer Pick: Cameroon

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