NCAAF Alabama Crimson Tide Calendar Odds & Analysis for the 2021 Season

NCAAF Alabama Crimson Tide Calendar Odds & Analysis for the 2021 Season

There are a couple of things to consider when looking ahead to the new college football season. First, there is the level of expectation that is placed on the shoulders of every coach and team. And then there is the pressure that those expectations bring. It can be tough to live up to the hype, especially when you consider that the best teams in college football are in a constant state of rebuilding after losing players to the NFL Draft. There are some schools that are able to remain elite because they are able to recruit the best talent, while also having the best coaching staff at their disposal. The Alabama Crimson Tide are on top of that elite pile, but can they stay there in 2021? Let’s take a closer look at Nick Saban’s Alabama team for this season so you can be ready to bet against the NCAAF odds.

2021 College Football Betting | Alabama Crimson Tide Preview for the Upcoming Season

The Crimson Tide in 2020

Love them or hate them, you cannot help but be impressed when you look at what Alabama has done in the playoff era in college football. It is a period of dominance that is staggering, and which continued again last season. The Crimson Tide made it through the regular season without taking a loss and without ever really looking as though they might be in any trouble. They easily won the SEC West and made it to the Conference Championship Game.

While the road to that game was easy, winning it was not quite that way, as Florida gave the Crimson Tide everything they had before finally going down 52-46. That put Alabama in the playoffs, where they basically steamrolled Notre Dame and Ohio State on their way to another National Championship. No wonder they are favorites again this year.

The Crimson Tide Odds and Outlook for 2021

It seems as though we start every season talking about the holes that Alabama needs to fill after losing players to the draft. The offense was hot particularly hard this offseason, with QB Mac Jones now in New England, while RB Najee Harris will be playing with the Steelers. Besides those two, they also lost the WR tandem of DeVonta Smith and Jalen Waddle. Alabama will also have a new offensive coordinator, with Steve Sarkisian taking the Texas head coaching job. That’s a lot of holes to fill.

One the defensive side of the football, the mass exodus to the NFL was not quite as harsh, but there are still some slots that need to be filled. The thing with Alabama is that while we have this conversation prior to the start of every season, they never seem to actually slow down or take a backwards step. This is what happens when you have a school that is a major draw for 5-star recruits from all over the country.

The new kids are not going to get a ton of time to settle into the job. The opening game against Miami is a tricky one, as is the Week 3 matchup against the Florida Gators. Still, despite all the changes, the bookies still have Bama in as the favorites to repeat as National Champions. A lot of their success is going to once again depend on how quickly the new starters adapt to life in college football.

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