NHL Betting Analysis of the Top Teams to Wager On the 2022-23 Season

NHL Betting Analysis of the Top Teams to Wager On the 2022-23 Season

Written by on August 16, 2022

The NHL starts their preseason next month. Then the regular season drops first puck on October 7. With the pro hockey season on our doorstep, it’s a good time to check out how we can make money betting on NHL matches. Let’s get right to it so you can plan your bets against the NHL Odds

NHL Calendar Regular Season Rundown: Top Teams for Betting Opportunities

2022-2023 NHL Season

  • When: Oct. 7, 2022 – June, 2023

Colorado, Minnesota, Florida, and Toronto win on their home ice

Florida went an incredible 34-7 at home last season. Colorado went 32-9. Minnesota and Toronto went 31-10. Consider laying the number when the Avs, Wild, Panthers, and Maple Leafs play at home with a caveat.

Take into consideration odds. Because a team can blow out of the park at home in the win-loss column and you could still lose money depending on odds.  

Carolina, the New York Rangers, Boston, Calgary, and Washington were great away

History doesn’t always repeat itself, but in this case it might. The Hurricanes, Rangers, Bruins, Flames, and Capitals played great hockey in away games last season.

All five teams went 25-16. None of the five are considered one of the top four teams with a chance to win the Stanley Cup. So in most of their away games, all five, with maybe the exception of the Rangers, should offer excellent odds. 

Backing Carolina, Boston, D.C., and Calgary when they step onto opposing ice could be a lucrative move this season. 

Check home and away payout statistics to find 

The top two angles could lead to decent profit. Another angle to use to make money on your hockey bets is to check out home and away payout statistics  

The Colorado Avalanche offered much lower odds at home than they did on the road but shying away from the Avs in away games saved money while laying the huge numbers at home on the Avalanche made money.

Colorado was a plus $954 at home and a -$230 in road games. The Rangers were plus in home and road games because NYR went 27-14 at home and 27-16 on the road and offered overlay odds all season. 

Because Tampa offered underlay odds no matter where they played. The Lightning were -$84 at home and $-115 on the road. 

Be careful about using these statistics to set up an NHL betting strategy. No doubt, Colorado could be this season’s Tampa Bay, winning home and away but generating a money loss overall because they offer bad odds in every game.  

Top Five Money NHL Home Teams in 2021-2022

** Check out the top five home teams last season and how much money they made. 

  • Minnesota Wild – $954
  • Florida Panthers – $872
  • Dallas Stars – $718
  • Toronto Maple Leafs – $615
  • Columbus Blue Jackets – $614

Top Five Money NHL Away Teams in 2021-2022

** Check out the top five away teams last season and how much money they made. 

  • Los Angeles Kings – $978
  • New York Rangers – $834
  • Ottawa Senators  – $739
  • Washington Capitals – $640
  • Arizona Coyotes – $553

3 strategies to make money during the NHL Regular Season

  1. Become an expert for a specific team – Choose a team and become an expert regarding that team. So, for example, if you discover the Lightning are almost always overplayed, back Tampa Bay when they offer overlay odds and go against them when they don’t.
  2. Back most profitable away teams no matter the odds – Choose one to three of the most profitable away teams and then back them no matter the odds. Give yourself a chance to switch it up, though. As an example, the Rangers won’t offer the same healthy odds in away games like they did last season. So if you choose to back NYR, you could lose money.
  3. Back most profitable home teams no matter the odds – The third strategy is the same as the second except it’s for home teams. Back profitable home teams no matter the odds. Again, consider laying off teams like the Rangers, Avalanche, and Lightning. No doubt, NYR will offer underlay odds when they play in Madison Square Garden. 

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