Rally Central European Betting Favorites, Analysis & Prediction

Central European Rally Betting Favorites, Analysis & Prediction


WRC Central European Rally: There are now just 2 races remaining in the 2023 WRC season and there is a very good chance that we might well see a champion crowned this weekend at the Central European Rally, which we will get into in just a moment.

When: Sunday, October 26-29
Where: Austria, Czech Republic and Germany
TV / Streaming: WRCplus.com, rally.tv

It has certainly been interesting to watch the ups and downs that each driver has faced this season, with the championship race taking all sorts of twists and turns. No one driver has really dominated the proceedings from start to finish, but we do have one that has been more consistent than most, which is why we might see a champion take the crown before we get to the final race of the season. With all of that in mind, let’s take a look at the current top 4 to consider in your WRC Rally betting.


Kalle Rovanpera

No matter what sport you talk about, winning a championship in back-to-back seasons, but Rovanpera is very much on the brink of doing just that. He is going to be hard pressed to match the point total he had when he won in 2022, but Rovanpera should come close to that number. As it stands now, he has 217 points, which has him 31 points up on his closest rival. He also only has half the wins (3) this season that he had in his first championship year, which should give you an idea of just how up and down things have been this year. This is a new race on the schedule, so there is no way to look back at previous runs on this track.

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Elfyn Evans

The current standings tell us that Evans is the only one with a legitimate shot at running down the leader in the final 2 races of the season. That said, he is probably going to need to win both, while also hoping that Rovanpera slips up at some spot in those upcoming races. Evans has a pair of wins this season and has been in good form over the last couple of races, finishing 1st and 2nd, respectively. If he can match those last 2 race results in the next 2 races, we could well see a tight finish, but he does need to win this weekend to make things exciting.

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Thierry Neuville

For a moment, it looked as though Neuville might be the man to stop Rovanpera from winning his 2nd straight championship, but that is no longer the case. He has now has 2 races out of the last 5 where he failed to pick up any points, which is something you just cannot do if you want to win a championship. Those missed points are huge, especially when you consider that he finished 2nd in the other 3 races during that stretch. He is now 62 points out of the lead and out of the championship race.

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Ott Tanak

This is another driver who now has zero shot at winning it all this season, but who is certainly more than good enough to win on any given weekend, which means he could still have an impact on who finally ends up the season as champion. Tanak won the last rally, which was held in Chile, so he is in form and will be looking to make it back-to-back victories this weekend.

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Driver Standings
1 Kalle Rovanperä 217 points Toyota
2 Elfyn Evans 186 points Toyota
3 Thierry Neuville 155 points Hyundai
4 Ott Tänak 146 points Ford
5 Sébastien Ogier 99 points Toyota
Manufacturer Standings
1 Toyota 466 points
2 Hyundai 360 points
3 Ford 247 points

2023 WRC Rally Schedule

Date Race Betting WRC
October 26-29 WRC Central Europe Bet On WRC Rally
November 16-19 WRC Japan Bet On WRC Rally

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