WRC 2022 Rally Estonia Betting Favorites, Analysis & Prediction

WRC 2022 Rally Estonia Betting Favorites, Analysis & Prediction

In any sport, it is never a good idea to crown a division winner or a champion until they mathematically cannot be caught. Collapses happen in every sport at one time or another, but there comes a time when you do feel a little more confident about making bold statements. We are reaching that point in the WRC season, even though there are 7 races still to come. We are seeing a dominant performance from one driver in particular, which we will get into in a minute, while the chasing pack are basically scrambling and looking to stay in the hunt. This coming weekend, the WRC will be in Estonia for the 7th race of the season, after which we will be beyond the midway point. Will the lead get bigger, or can one of the chasing group make a dent in the lead? Let’s take a closer look at the current top 4 in the driver standings so you can continue betting against their WRC Odds.

2022 Rally Estonia Analysis and Preview | WRC Betting Analysis

Kalle Rovanpera

Last season, Rovanpera finished 4th overall in the driver standings, racking up 142 points in the process. 6 races into this season, he has already surpassed that point total with 145. Rovanpera has won 4 of the 6 races this season and has yet to finish any worse than 5th, so you can see why he has been able to pull away at the top of the standings. Right now, his lead is a massive 65 points, and given how he has been driving, that seems like a lead that might be impossible to break down. In fact, he might well be able to extend that lead this coming weekend, as he won the Estonia Rally in 2021.

Thierry Neuville

There must be some level of frustration for Thierry Neuville, who is currently sitting in 2nd with 80 points on the season. I say that because he has been consistently in this position for years, finishing 2nd overall in 4 of the last 6 years in the WRC. You get the sense that he will win a championship at some point, but if he cannot start cutting into the lead that Rovanpera has, he is going to be looking at another season as the runner-up. He doesn’t have any wins this season, but he has been on the podium a couple of times, which is where he landed last year in Estonia with a 3rd place finish.

Ott Tanak

After the top 2 drivers in the standings, we see a bit of a drop-off with Ott Tanak sitting on 62 points down in 3rd. After finishing 3rd in the standings in both 2017 and 2018, Tanak finally had his breakout season, winning the championship in 2019. He has been top 5 in the 2 seasons following that, and it looks as though he might need to settle for more of the same unless he can somehow have a stellar second half of the season.

Takamoto Katsuta

This has, in the grand scheme of things, been a good season for Katsuta to this point. He is sitting 4th overall, tied on points with Tanak, which means he has a lot of work to do to really challenge for the lead. It becomes even more difficult given the fact that he has never had a winning run in the WRC and just 1 podium finish this season.


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