Surprising the Field: Online College Football Betting Season Upsets

Unexpected Twists: Online College Football Betting Season Upsets Unveiled

Prepare for a rollercoaster ride through the college football season as we unveil the most unexpected upsets, providing valuable insights for College Football betting enthusiasts.

As the College Football season gets closer and closer, we look into more and more teams. Today, we want to discuss the teams that will be compete upsets this betting season. What that means, is the teams that are going to find struggles in their 2024 season. Let’s get to them.


Teams Will Be Complete Upsets This Betting Season | MyBookie Football Preview for the 2024 Regular Season

2024 NCAA Division I FBS football season | 155th season of college football in the United States
2024 Season: August 24, 2024 – December 14, 2024


Washington Huskies 7.5 Wins

The Washington Huskies are a completely different team than a season ago. Kalen DeBoer and his Huskies made the national title game. Now, they are part of the Big Ten Conference. Things are going to look interesting and more difficult in the Big Ten. More fundamental teams, and longer travels. This looks to be a season that fans in Washington are going to quickly want to forget. We expect the Washington Huskies to be major upsets, and not make a bowl game in 2024.

Betting Washington Huskies This Season

Regular Season Wins
RWS Line: Washington 7.5 Wins
Pick: Go for the Under | Betting College Football Regular Season Wins


Louisville Cardinals 8.5 Wins

This is another team that had some change in the off-season. The Atlantic Coast Conference appears to be a little better this season. The Cardinals won a bunch of games last season, and we expect a little regression when it comes to the 2024 season. Louisville could still reach a bowl game, but winning 9 games or more is not going to happen. Add Louisville to the list of teams with the complete upset this College Football season.

Betting Louisville Cardinal This Season

Regular Season Wins
RWS Line: Louisville 8.5 Wins
Pick: Go for the Under | Betting College Football Regular Season Wins


Utah Utes 9.5 Wins

Welcome to the Big 12 for the Utah Utes. A team that has won a bunch of games as part of the Pac-12. But, the party is a little different in the Big 12. There are teams with more speed, and want to play a little more offensively. Utah has been great on the defensive end, but they are going to struggle to adjust a little this season. We expect the Utes to be a complete upset and struggle to make a bowl game this season. Taking the UNDER on their win total seems to be the right move.

Betting Utah Utes This Season

Regular Season Wins
RWS Line: Utah 9.5 Wins
Pick: Go for the Under | Betting College Football Regular Season Wins


Missouri Tigers 9.5 Wins

For the Missouri Tigers to live up to the expectations for the season, they are going to need to win 10 games. While Missouri was strong a season ago, and has many pieces back, we do not see them winning 10 games. The SEC is a different animal, and the Tigers are going to have some more to deal with this season than their smooth season of a year ago. Missouri would be the fourth team we would list on the “complete upset” list for the season.

Betting Missouri Tigers This Season

Regular Season Wins
RWS Line: Missouri 9.5 Wins
Pick: Go for the Under | Betting College Football Regular Season Wins


Texas Longhorns 10.5 Wins

Another team we are not going to buy into the expectations for. The Longhorns are no longer in the Big 12, and will have major adjustments moving to the power house known as the SEC. Winning 11 games seems to be a major task for Texas. If we had to guess, we would include them in the complete upset list, as they do not get to their 12 wins. It will be interesting to watch the Longhorns progression in 2024.

Betting Texas Longhorns This Season

Regular Season Wins
RWS Line: Texas 10.5 Wins
Pick: Go for the Under | Betting College Football Regular Season Wins


MyBookie offers the current College Football betting lines for the season to win.


Who Will Reign Supreme? 2024 College Football National Championship Odds Revealed!

Team Odds
Georgia Bulldogs +320
Ohio State Buckeyes +450
Texas Longhorns +800
Oregon Ducks +1000
Alabama Crimson Tide +1100
LSU Tigers +1200
Michigan Wolverines +1400
Ole Miss Rebels +1400
Florida State Seminoles +1800
Penn State Nittany Lions +2200
Clemson Tigers +2500
Notre Dame Fighting Irish +2500
USC Trojans +3300
Texas A&M Aggies +3300
Missouri Tigers +4000
Tennessee Volunteers +4000
Oklahoma Sooners +4000
Washington Huskies +5000
Miami (FL) Hurricanes +6600
Kansas State Wildcats +6600
Utah Utes +6600
Arizona Wildcats +7500

Bet College Football National Championship Lines

There you have it. Those are our Teams that will be complete upsets this betting season. We wish you the best of luck with all your College Football betting. Enjoy the game and let’s get to it!


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2022 NCAA Football Possible Upsets That You Should Bet On: Alabama vs Arkansas, Michigan vs Iowa Analysis

Everyone loves an upset! Upsets and trap games happen every year in the world of college football, and this year looks to be no different. In looking at some of the top teams in college football, many of them have a very tough schedule, and have chances at losing a big game. Let’s take a look at a few games where we could see a huge upset in the making and that you should bet against their College Football Betting Lines.

Upset Alert: 2022 College Football Matches That Could End With Unexpected Results

Alabama @ Arkansas – October 1st

The Alabama Crimson Tide is the top team in all of the preseason polls. Nick Saban has once again assembled one of the most talented rosters in the country. The offense will be led by last year’s Heisman Trophy winner, Bryce Young. The defense will be anchored by one of the top players in the country, Will Anderson. Many of the experts are predicting that the Crimson Tide will once again run through the SEC and be undefeated heading into the conference championship game.

However, Alabama has a very tough slate of road games this season. The first one being with the Texas Longhorns in late September. We think Alabama gets through that one, but the next one could be a problem for Alabama.

On October 1st, Alabama travels to Fayetteville to take on the Arkansas Razorbacks. Sam Pittman has rebuilt the Arkansas program, and they have quickly become one of the top teams in the SEC. Both programs could quite possibly be undefeated when they meet. Arkansas will have to get through Cincinnati, Texas A&M and South Carolina before meeting Alabama, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Arkansas could be undefeated.

Arkansas will bring something to the table that the Crimson Tide won’t have seen prior to their game, and that’s strong play up front. While Texas will be very athletic, they won’t have strong front lines. Arkansas has built a solid base up front on both sides of the ball. This will truly be the first time all season that Alabama will be tested up front, so we’ll see if the Tide will be ready for the strong push up front.

We don’t know if the Razorbacks will have enough in the tank to beat Alabama, but they will give them a very tough test. Saban and his squad will be on upset alert in front of a raucous Razorback crowd.

Michigan @ Iowa – October 1st

The Wolverines will have played a very easy non-conference schedule when they travel to Iowa City on October 1st. Michigan destroyed Iowa in the Big 10 title game last season, and the Hawkeyes will be looking to avenge that loss. Michigan will have two new coordinators, and we won’t truly know how good they are when they visit Iowa.

Iowa will have one of the top defenses in the country. Iowa is also very good at home, and they have beaten a lot of top teams in Iowa City over the years. Kirk Ferentz has had Michigan’s number when they come to Iowa City, as the Wolverines have lost their last four trips to Kinnick Stadium. Jim Harbaugh could be in trouble on the first Saturday in October.

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