2023 LPL Summer Split Betting Week 5 Preview

2023 LPL Summer Split Betting Week 5 Preview

The League of Legends China region continues to excite. The top 2 finishers at MSI, JDG, and Billibli, remain at the top of the standings, but the rest of the pack is too close to separate for now.

With just three weeks to play and a packed schedule, today we are going to highlight a mid-table matchup that is sure to excite. Edward Gaming have fallen backward into a 4-5 record, while Team WE are currently boasting a 75% win rate this season.

Edward Gaming finished third in the Spring season, while Team WE were unable to grab any points, so this match could have implications on the regional finals.

MyBookie has the LoL betting odds as we look at Team WE vs. Edward Gaming, who will meet in the final two rounds of the fifth week of the split.


2023 LPL Summer Split Betting Week 5 Preview: Team WE vs. Edward Gaming | MyBookie eSports Betting Preview

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Top Lane

Team WE’s top laner Cube is one of the biggest culprits of the K’Sante meta, with a whopping eight games through sixteen matches on the champion. To his credit, he’s put up six wins so far, and even has mixed in a few games on Sion and Gwen.

Edward Gaming’s Ale has had a nightmare season so far, with a kill participation score under 50% and a KDA of 2.4. The team need to figure out an answer for the top lane before they find themselves on the outside looking in come Worlds time.



Heng of Team WE has been a huge part of the squad’s early success, with a 74% kill participation score. He’s done it on the backs of multiple champions, including four games on Poppy and three each on Vi and Maokai.

That ability to mix meta and comfort is critical to Team WE’s draft edge.

Jiejie of Edward Gaming has been relatively quiet so far this split, with a 73% kill participation score and a wide champion pool including Vi, Sejuani, Wukong, and Viego. 


Mid Lane

Team WE’s Shanks is building a strong case for an all-star nomination thus far this season in the mid lane. His 6.2 KDA across several champs like Annie, Azir, and Jayce has played a big part in helping the bot lane shine.

FoFo of Edward Gaming keeps attempting to hop on the K’Sante mid trend, with limited success. He has six games on the champion, along with the same amount on Neeko, but his 3.2 KDA leaves much to be desired.

FoFo will need to pick things up if Edward Gaming are able to have a chance.


Bot Lane

The real heart of Team WE lies in their bot lane. Iwandy and Hope each have KDAs above 6 and kill participation scores above 74%. They have done it on a balanced mix of champions, though Hope certainly loves Jinx, with seven games on the champion.

Iwandy’s champion pool is also quite varied, featuring enchanters, engagers, and poke mages.

Edward Gaming is in full disarray in the bot lane. They have tried three different ADC players, all with lackluster performances. Expect Uzi and his 60% kill participation to get the nod to play next to Meiko, who is just trying his best with six Rakan games this split.


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