2023 LPL Summer Split Playoffs Grand Finals Odds: #3 LNG vs. #2 JDG

2023 LPL Summer Split Playoffs Grand Finals Odds: #3 LNG vs. #2 JDG

The LPL Summer Playoffs have now reached a thrilling conclusion, albeit not one we expected two weeks ago. The last time these two teams met, JDG narrowly eked out a victory in five matches, only thanks to the carry performance of Ruler.

With that result, it seemed like a grand finals appearance was due for Bilibli Gaming. Instead, they lost 3-1 to JDG and LNG in consecutive matches, giving us an exciting rematch. It begs the question; which JDG team will show up?

The MSI winners with the best ADC in the world, Ruler, or the feeding Kanavi we saw the last time these two met? MyBookie has the LoL betting lines as we look at LNG Esports vs. JD Gaming, who will meet in the Upper Bracket Semifinals.


2023 LPL Summer Split Playoffs Grand Finals Odds: #3 LNG vs. #2 JDG Betting Preview | MyBookie eSports Lol Betting Preview

LPL 2023 Summer Playoffs | 2nd playoffs of the 11th edition of China’s professional League of Legends league
Final: LNG Esports vs. JD Gaming
Saturday, August 5th, 2023 at 5:00 a.m. EDT


Top Lane

Zika made things interesting the last time these two met, with two games on Fiora, along with one each on Gwen, Jax, and Rumble. While the game five Rumble proved disastrous, Zika still posted a solid 10/9/20 scoreline in the series overall.

369 has embraced his tanking role for JDG in recent weeks, with a couple of games each on Ornn and Gragas in playoffs. He’s been good for a 7.1 KDA thus far, though that statistic was poorer against Zika, with only a 10/8/22 scoreline.



Tarzan has bucked the meta trend by playing four straight games of Maokai against BLG, including three straight victories to secure LNG’s spot in the finals. The last time these two met, Tarzan was unstoppable, with a 9/12/40 scoreline continuing his high-assist performances. If Kanavi is off his A-Game once again, expect a huge advantage for LNG in this matchup.

However, predicting Kanavi’s downfall is a risky endeavor. Even though he put up a comically bad 12/19/32 scoreline and 2.4 KDA in the last series between these two, he bounced back in a huge way by picking up Sejuani against BLG. Kanavi’s KDA is four outside of matches against LNG, so if he can recover his form, JDG should be heavy favorites.


Mid Lane

Like Tarzan to Kanavi, Scout actually got the better of Knight in the previous matchup. He posted a 19/15/32 scoreline, showing great team fighting ability and survivability. He bounced back from the five-game loss to JDG by picking up a nice mix of champions, including Neeko, Azir, and Jayce, in recent matches.

There is no better Jayce expert than Knight himself, however. He played the champion twice against BLG in dominant performances and is a breakout threat in this matchup if he learned from his mistakes the last time around.


Bot Lane

GALA’s 4.4 KDA and 16/9/24 scoreline against JDG were impressive, but the LNG duo was unable to surpass Ruler.

That’s because Ruler put JDG on his back in a dominant display, with a 19/6/25 scoreline good for a 7.5 KDA. He came back down to Earth against BLG, but if he continues to have LNG’s number, JDG will walk away winners.


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2023 LPL Summer Split Playoffs Grand Finals | Phase 2 – Double Elimination

Date Time Round Home   Away
Saturday, August 5 5:00 a.m. Final LNG Esports vs. JD Gaming

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