2023 LPL Summer Split Week 6 Betting Preview of FunPlus Phoenix vs. Edward Gaming

2023 LPL Summer Split Week 6 Betting Preview of FunPlus Phoenix vs. Edward Gaming

The 2023 Summer Split is getting juicy, and there’s no bigger matchup on paper than a clash between two former Worlds champions. FunPlus Phoenix have found themselves in the middle of the pack with a winrate under 40% on the season, but still boast talent and the ability to cause chaos.

Edward Gaming are coming off of a victory against Team WE, and may finally be getting back to their Spring split form. With FPX’s playoff hopes on the line,  both teams will be giving it their all this week.

MyBookie has the LoL betting lines as we look at FunPlus Phoenix vs. Edward Gaming, who will meet in the final two rounds of the fifth week of the split.


2023 LPL Summer Split Betting Preview of Week 6: FunPlus Phoenix vs. Edward Gaming | MyBookie eSports Lol Betting Preview

2023 League of Legends Pro League | Second split of the eleventh year of China’s professional League of Legends league
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Top Lane

Xiaolaohu has been struggling from an ailment many top lakers have during the 2022-23 season. He’s found himself dependent on K’Sante, with eight games on the champion so far this split alone. While he boasts an impressive 4.2 KDA in those matches to go along with 6 wins, the rest of his champion pool is shockingly bad.

His five games each on alternative champs Sion, Jax, and Gragas have led to a 20% win rate on all of those champions, and his overall 1.7 KDA on the season is even worse if you remove the K’Sante games.

Edward Gaming’s Ale has finally shown some signs of life, with four victories on Renekton in the past couple weeks, along with impressive performances on Sion and Kennen. Ale showing versatility has done wonders for his KDA and kill participation, and if he keeps things up, he should dominate Xiaolaohu in this matchup. 


LPL Jungle

H4cker of FPX has been quietly having a great season. He boasts a 76.7% kill participation score, acting as the engine for this team. His performances on meta champs like Kha’Zix, Maokai, and Sejuani have been fun to watch, though he struggles when moving away from those options.

Jiejie of Edward Gaming likewise has woken up after a sluggish start. His past few games have seen him pilot Maokai, Kha’zix, and Sejuani, just like H4cker, and his KDA now sits at an impressive 3.8 on the season.


LPL Mid Lane

Care of FPX has done an adequate job in the mid-lane, including eight matches on Annie. However, his 2.4 KDA leaves much to be desired.

FoFo of Edward Gaming seems to have abandoned the trendy K’Sante mid in favor of Leblanc and Jayce. While this is a sidegrade in some aspects, the versatility is much appreciated for Edward Gaming’s drafts.


LPL Bot Lane

FPX’s lone bright spot is in the bot lane. Lwx and Qiuqiu have kill participation scores of 74.3% and 82.1%, respectively. Their champion pools are a tad shallow, with ten games of Aphelios for Lwx, but nothing they can’t work around.

Edward Gaming may finally be reaching the end of their ADC issues, with Uzi improving rapidly in recent weeks. He now stands at a 4.1 KDA, and Meiko has done a nice job in the support role of keeping the team consistent.

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LPL Summer 2023 Stage Games

Date Time Round Home   Away
Tuesday, July 4 3:00 p.m. Day 2 FunPlus Phoenix vs. Edward Gaming

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