FIFA World Cup Betting Props Alisson Becker Odds Favorite to Win Golden Glove

FIFA World Cup Betting Props: Alisson Becker Odds Favorite to Win Golden Glove

Brazil and Liverpool keeper Alisson has had a fantastic World Cup. In four matches, Alisson has dominated in the net. The Brazil keeper entered the WC the favorite to win the Golden Glove. Based on his current form, many believe Alisson is a lock to win the GG. Is that true? Should we hand the Golden Glove to Alisson or are there other keepers who might wrest away the award? Check out why Alisson will or won’t win the Glove as well as other FIFA World Cup Props Betting options if the Brazilian keeper doesn’t get the award.

Is Brazil’s Alisson a Lock to Win the Golden Glove Award? | FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Odds

2022 Qatar World Cup

  • When: Nov. 20 – Dec. 18

Why Alisson is a lock to win the Golden Glove

The pre-World Cup favorite to win the Golden Glove has played fantastic soccer. Alisson has yielded a single goal in four matches. 

Not only that, but Alisson also has 5 saves and there’s no doubt that Brazil is one of the best teams left at the World Cup. The pre-WC chalk has a lot of things going his way.

Why Alisson isn’t a lock to win the Golden Glove

Although Alisson has a lot of things going his way, Brazil’s keeper hasn’t had a lot of chances to prove he deserves the Golden Glove. So, yes, Alisson scored 5 saves against South Korea.

But he also yielded a goal. The Liverpool keeper also didn’t produce any saves in wins against Serbia and Switzerland. 

Goalies that can win the Golden Glove outside of Alisson

The following keepers have real shots of upsetting Alisson and taking the Golden Glove.

Dominik Livakovic – Croatia

Has allowed 2 goals in regulation and blocked 3 Japan penalty kicks in Croatia’s Round of 16 win. Also, the Dinamo Zagreb keeper has 9 saves in four WC matches. 

If Livakovic produces a clean sheet versus Brazil, and Croatia upsets Brazil, Dominik could be in line for the Golden Glove.

Yassine Bounou – Morocco

Sevilla’s goalie has allowed 0 scores in three matches. However, Bounou has just 2 saves in four matches.

But Bounou blocked the first 3 Spanish penalty kicks in Morocco’s amazing victory over the Spaniards. If Morocco continues to surprise, Bounou could put the Glove in the bag. 

Jordan Pickford – England

Pickford has had nothing but clean sheets since allowing Iran to score a couple of goals in England’s first match. 

Pickford has 4 saves. He has yet to produce an impressive game on the level of Bounou or Livakovic, but if England moves on from France, heck, if the English win the World Cup, it could be difficult to keep the Golden Glove off Jordan’s hand. 

Hugo Lloris – France

When not playing for France, Lloris spends time in the net for Tottenham. Lloris has yielded 3 goals in four matches with just 2 saves.

But although the resume isn’t there yet, Hugo will have to provide fantastic saves in the quarterfinals because France takes on England.

Then if the French beat the English, Lloris is likely to have to get saves versus high-scoring Portugal. So Lloris will have plenty of chances to prove he deserves the Golden Glove.  


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