Best FIFA World Cup 2022 Games to Bet From Group A

Best FIFA World Cup 2022 Games to Bet From Group A

Written by on October 4, 2022

Betting every group match at this year’s World Cup is a recipe for disaster. In this blog, we discuss the Group A games that soccer handicappers should bet. The Netherlands, Senegal, host nation Qatar, and CONMENBOL squad Ecuador make up the group. Keep reading for the group stage matches in Group A that should be on your FIFA World Cup Betting radar.   

2022 FIFA World Cup Group A Calendar Rating Best Games to Bet

2022 Qatar World Cup

  • When: Nov. 20 – Dec. 18

Group A

  • Netherlands
  • Senegal
  • Qatar
  • Ecuador

Qatar vs Ecuador

  • When: Sunday, Nov. 20 

Why should you bet this match?

The first match of the 2022 World Cup is often a must bet. In this case, handicappers should put down money on Qatar versus Ecuador because it’s a key game in the group.

Ecuador believes it can secure at least second place in the group. Doing so requires Ecuador to dominate Qatar. The Ecuadorians beat the Qataris. They must beat them by multiple goals. 

Qatar will be fired up to be the host nation. Not only that, but Qatar versus Ecuador could be the only shot the hosts have to score a goal. If you can find prop bets around this contest, consider backing Qatar to score. 

Scoring is one thing. Winning the match is another. Ecuador is the pick. 

Qatar vs Ecuador Pick: Ecuador   

Senegal vs Netherlands

  • When: Monday, Nov. 21 at 5:00 am ET

Why should you bet this match?

Two teams should dominate Group A, the Netherlands and Senegal. Sadio Mane led Senegal believes they can win the group. The only way to win Group A is to beat the Netherlands.

The Netherlands doesn’t just believe they can win Group A. The Orange also feel they can become the ninth nation to win a World Cup. The Netherlands is loaded. 

Man to man, the Dutch might have the most talented team at this year’s WC. But Senegal plays well together and Mane is one of the top five players in the world. So, yeah, you should definitely bet this match!

Our pick? Senegal. The Netherlands does have World Cup title talent. But Senegal should have less trouble handling the heat. 

Senegal vs. Netherlands Pick: Senegal 

Qatar vs Senegal

  • When: Friday, Nov. 25 at 8:00 am ET

Why should you bet this match?

Qatar won’t come close to taking down Senegal or the Netherlands. But the reason to bet this match is because Senegal will be on the engine.

The African continent nation knows the best way to ensure a spot in the knockout stage is to score as many goals as possible. Qatar should be ripe for a 3 to 4 goal blowout loss. Expect Mane and his mates to try for as many scores as possible.

Qatar vs. Senegal Pick: Over

Qatar vs Netherlands

  • When: Tuesday, Nov. 29 at 10:00 am ET

Why should you bet this match?

What’s good for Senegal is good for the Netherlands. The Dutch, like the Senegalese, will go for as many goals as they can.

But the Netherlands could suffer from the heat. It’s going to be blazing in Qatar. What’s crazy is that Qatar’s heat is still. There is almost never a breeze. Temperature isn’t the only thing that will affect cold nations like the Netherlands.

Breathing hot hair could cause some players to lose focus on the pitch. Senegal will be much better suited for the conditions. So Senegal will score more goals. Qatar won’t get a draw, but they will force under the total. 

Qatar vs. Netherlands Pick: Under  

Ecuador vs Senegal

  • When: Tuesday, Nov. 29 at 10:00 am ET

Why should you bet this match?

Ecuador versus Senegal is a must bet because by the time this happens, one of these two squads could be fighting for their World Cup lives. 

Ecuador could be on the cusp of upsetting the Netherlands for second place in the group. Senegal could be on the cusp of going home if they blow things versus the Netherlands and don’t score enough goals against Qatar. This projects as a huge match in Group A, which makes it a must bet.

Ecuador and Senegal should both have no trouble dealing with the heat but the guess here is that Ecuador pushes forward too much, opening the door for Senegal to score a couple on the counter.  

Ecuador vs. Senegal Pick: Senegal


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