FIFA World Cup Odds Update: Argentina's Lines Improve, Brazil Lone Favorite

FIFA World Cup Odds Update: Argentina’s Lines Improve, Brazil Lone Favorite

In less than a month, the 32 best soccer nations on the planet will throw down in Qatar for the right to call itself World Cup Champion. Brazil, France, England, Argentina, Spain, and Germany remain the six nations with the lowest odds to win the title. Money has fallen to Argentina while handicappers have begun to grow chilly on England’s chances. Keep reading for updated FIFA World Cup Odds along with an odds analysis.

Argentina’s Odds Leapfrogs England and Becomes Third Choice to Win the World Cup

2022 Qatar World Cup

  • When: Nov. 20 – Dec. 18

Updated 2022 World Cup Odds

  • Brazil +400
  • France +600
  • Argentina +650
  • England +700
  • Spain +800
  • Germany +1000
  • Netherlands +1200
  • Portugal +1400
  • Belgium +1400
  • Denmark +2800
  • Croatia +5000
  • Uruguay +5000
  • Senegal +8000
  • Switzerland +8000
  • Serbia +8000
  • USA +10000

Argentina leapfrogs England to become the third choice

When the first 2022 World Cup odds came out, Argentina was a +1400 second tier choice. Since then, with every passing month, Messi and his crew have become more and more of a favorite.

Argentina is third choice heading into November. The reason the Argentinians leapfrogged England to become third choice has as much to do with the English as it does with Argentina.

England, who at one point was a solid second choice behind Brazil to win the championship, hasn’t played well at the Nations League. Almost as important is the fact many of England’s most fervent fans wonder if the English have a strong enough passing midfielder to win the title.

Argentina has two excellent passers, Lautaro Martinez and Lionel Messi. Not only that, but Argentina should handle the heat much better than the English will, which many handicappers believes makes the Albiceleste the better play.

Brazil’s odds dive

Brazil opened the favorite to win the World Cup. In the final month before first kickoff on Nov. 20, Brazil is even more of a chalk to take the WC.

The Brazilians are strong in every facet of the game. The favorite boasts excellent forwards, a plethora of midfield talent, and are terrific on the backend.

Also, Liverpool goalie Allison and Man City goalie Ederson both play for Brazil. The team has few flaws. So the real question is whether Brazil is worth a bet at +400.

The chalk might be. It depends on how you feel about Argentina. If you believe the Argentinians are almost on the same level as Brazil, then go with Messi and his mates instead of Neymar and his mates. The +250 difference in odds is a big deal.

Germany getting love while Belgium isn’t

Soccer handicappers have warmed up to Germany’s chances. Like Argentina, Germany opened as a +1400 choice. Although the movement down isn’t nearly as pronounced as what happened to Argentina, Germany will enter the World Cup one of the top six choices.

There’s a chance Germany is on par with Spain at +800 before the tournaments kicks off. The more soccer future bettors look at Germany, the more they like Deutschland’s chances.

While Germany is heating up, Belgium has grown cold. The Belgians remain one of the most talented sides participating at the Qatar World Cup.

It doesn’t help that Belgium’s nucleus failed at the 2018 World Cup. Also, Belgium is loaded with players over the age of 30.

If you like Kevin De Bruyne and his mates, now is the time to make your bet. The Belgians shouldn’t offer odds better than the +1400. So if you think Belgium breaks through with a WC title, throw down money today and don’t wait for tomorrow.


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