FIFA World Cup Betting Prediction: Which Teams Will Advance to the Next Round

In a few days, host nation Qatar and Ecuador open the 2022 World Cup. Every soccer handicapper on earth knows teams like England, Brazil, France, and Argentina should make it to the next round. But what about squads like the United States, Croatia, and Mexico? What are their chances of stamping their tickets to the knockout stage? See below for the second team to win each group along with the team the winner knocks out so you can place your bets against the FIFA World Cup Odds

America vs Europe vs Africa vs Asia: Which Teams Will Go Past Round 1 in the FIFA Qatar World Cup

2022 Qatar World Cup

  • When: Nov. 20 – Dec. 18

Group A: Senegal Moves On, Ecuador Doesn’t

Netherlands should win the group, but after the Netherlands, most expect a serious battle between Senegal and Ecuador. The Ecuadorians boast a cohesive, solid, team.

If Ecuador gets past Qatar on Nov. 20, the South American nation could be tough. This is especially true because Sadio Mane may start the tournament less than one-hundred percent.

Still, an 80% to 90% in form Mane is better than many World Cup teams’ top player. So Senegal takes down Ecuador and moves to the knockout stage. 

Group B: Wales Moves On, the U.S. Doesn’t

We won’t have to wait long to know if we’re right about this prediction. The Welsh battle the Americans on Nov. 21.

On paper, the United States wins. But the U.S. doesn’t have offensive power. Gareth Bale has lost a step. He’s still a better goal scorer than anyone on the U.S. side.

Wales will beat the Americans and Iran and hope not to lose too badly versus England. The U.S. will, once again, disappoint.  

Group C: Mexico Moves On, Poland Doesn’t

Argentina wins the group. The guess here is that Mexico finishes second.

Poland’s Robert Lewandowski can’t do it all on his own. Also, Mexico is flying under the radar, which gives them an advantage. The fourth nation in the group, Saudi Arabia, should have no chance. 

Group D: Denmark Moves On, Tunisia and Australia Do Not

This is an easy one, right? Denmark beats Tunisia and Australia and moves to the second round. 

The French aren’t a lock to win the group. But Mbappe and his mates also move on after spanking Tunisia and the Aussies.

Group E: Germany Moves On, Japan Doesn’t

We loved Germany’s chances to win E, but then we saw Marco Reus and Timo Werner both won’t play this cycle, which makes Spain close to a lock to win the group.

Japan could push the Germans. The Japanese boast enough UEFA talent to make Thomas Muller’s and his mates’ lives difficult. But at the end, Germany will have enough to knock out Japan.  

Group F: Croatia Moves On, Morocco Doesn’t

Unless the Red Devils aren’t telling us something, the Belgians are one-hundred percent healthy. Sure, Belgium will disappoint, but it will happen in the Round of 16 or in the quarterfinals. During the group stage, Belgium will have too much talent not to win F.

Morocco is a tough squad. The Moroccans, though, don’t have a player on Modric’s level. Although he’s old, Modric should dominate Canada and Morocco.  

Group G: Cameroon Moves On, Switzerland Doesn’t

Brazil owns Group G. This year’s WC chalk will roll through their opponents. After Brazil, most expect Serbia and Switzerland to contend for the second spot.

We’re going with a flyer in Cameroon. Switzerland and Serbia are good teams but the African Nation has done some marvelous things in more than one WC cycle. Cameroon discovers the old magic and stamps their ticket to the knockout stage. 

Group H: Ghana Moves On, Portugal Doesn’t

Surprised? Don’t be. Christiano Ronaldo, Portugal’s captain, is in a bitter feud with Man United management. No way Ronaldo is ready to lead his countrymen in a World Cup.

Bruno Fernandes is great. But he can’t work with Diogo Jota or Neto to score goals. Both are injured and will miss this WC cycle. 

Right now, Portugal is sort of a mess, which should open the door for the second best team from Africa, Ghana.

Jordan Ayew, Andre Ayew, and Thomas Partey lead an underrated Ghana side. Leicester backer Daniel Amartey could mark Fernandes. Ghana upsets Portugal and finishes second in Group H. 


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