Golden Glove Odds, Betting Favorites, Contenders - FIFA World Cup Picks

Golden Glove Odds, Betting Favorites, Contenders – FIFA World Cup Picks

The FIFA World Cup is underway, which means that along with backing teams to win on the moneyline or handicap, we can make future bets on which players win individual awards. In this blog, we discuss Golden Glove odds and make picks. Check out FIFA World Cup Prop Odds, a list of the last four winners of the Golden Glove, and our picks. 

Golden Glove Picks and Betting Favorites to Wager On | FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Lines

2022 Qatar World Cup

  • When: Nov. 20 – Dec. 18

FIFA World Cup Golden Glove Odds

List of Past Four Golden Glove Winners
  • 2018 Russia – Curtois – Belgium
  • 2014 Brazil – Neuer – Germany
  • 2010 South Africa – Casillas – Spain
  • 2006 – Germany – Buffon – Italy

Top Picks to Win the Golden Glove at the 2022 World Cup

  • Best Play: Simon +900

Spain’s starting goalie didn’t have to make a single save versus Costa Rica. Los Ticos didn’t take one shot in Spain’s ridiculous 7-0 victory over El Rojo’s overmatched opponent.

But although Unai Simon couldn’t show how great of a goalie he is versus Costa Rica, he’ll have plenty of chances in Spain’s next couple of group matches to prove his brilliance.

The Spanish take on Germany and then Japan. The Germans are desperate after losing to Japan 2-1in their first WC game. Germany will be ultra-aggressive, which means Simon will have a chance to solidify his position as the top Golden Glove pick.

  • Second Best Play: Alisson +450

When Alisson isn’t scoring clean sheets with Brazil, he’s preventing teams from scoring goals agianst Liverpool in Champions League and Premier League matches. 

In 14 starts with the Reds, Allison has allowed 17 goals. But he also has 21 saves. So the goals are most likely the result of bad defense on the part of the Reds. Not only that, but right before the World Cup, Allison played great, yielding 2 goals in Pool’s last 4 matches. 

Brazil’s first match happens against Serbia on Nov. 24. If Alisson and his countrymen get off to a fantastic start, if Brazil beats Serbia 2 to 0 or by more than 2 goals and Alisson doesn’t yield a single goal the pre-WC chalk could end up having the best World Cup of any goalie in the tournament. 

Doing so, no doubt, would lead to a Golden Glove win. If Alisson has a bad game, Brazil has Ederson, Man City’s goalie, on the bench to grab Alisson’s starting spot. 

  • Third Best Play: Courtois +500

This season, Thibaut Courtois has allowed 12 goals in 10 starts for Real Madrid. Courtois does have 15 saves for Carlo Ancelotti’s crew. 

The Belgian keeper also already has an edge over Alisson and Simon.

The reason? While Alisson has yet to play and Simon had no chance to show his stuff, Courtois has a penalty kick save. If Thibaut hadn’t saved the penalty from Canada, the Canadians might have forced a 1-1 draw.

As it stands, Belgium’s star goalie, the 2018 Golden Glove winner, has his team up in Belgium’s group. If things go Belgium’s way, and it might, Courtois could definitely pocket a second straight Golden Glove. 


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