Netherlands Betting Odds to Win the FIFA World Cup and Will They Move to Round of 16

Netherlands Betting Odds to Win the FIFA World Cup and Will They Move to Round of 16

Written by on May 25, 2022

Like Belgium, the Netherlands is one of those European nations that every World Cup cycle fields a team that can win the trophy. But also like Belgium, the Netherlands has never done enough to win the WC. Is 2022 the year the Netherlands takes the World Cup? Check out the FIFA World Cup Odds on the Netherlands to take home the WC trophy along with an analysis and prediction on whether the Netherlands makes it to the next round.  

Netherlands Soccer Betting Analysis and their 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup Odds

2022 Qatar World Cup

  • When: Nov. 21 – Dec. 18

Switzerland Odds to Win the FIFA Qatar World Cup

  • Netherlands +1200

At +1200, the Netherlands is a co-seventh choice along with Belgium and Portugal to win the World Cup. All three nations offering 12-to-1 odds are talented enough to break into the World Cup nation winning club.

The Netherlands might be the most talented of the bunch. Not only that, but the Dutch should dominate their group.

The Netherlands is loaded with quality veterans and young talent. Every player on the Netherland’s squad throws down for a UEFA league club. 

Most players step onto pitches for teams in the English Premier, LaLiga, and Italian Serie A. So if you want to take a shot on a team with a chance not named Brazil, Argentina, England, France, Spain, or Germany, the Netherlands is as good of choice as any. 

Why Netherlands will move to the next round

The Orange are loaded with quality players. Liverpool star Virgil Van Djik may be the best fullback in the world.

The Netherlands captain can mark any nation’s best forward. 25-year-old Barcelona star Frenkie de Jong can hang with any team’s midfield while forward Luka de Jong and Memphis Depay, both of whom also play for Barca, rival any nation’s group of forwards other than France’s and Brazil’s.

Why Netherlands won’t move to the next round

We’ve seen this story before. Many times, actually. The Netherlands shows up to the World Cup with a highly talented squad only to fail.

The Netherlands has had plenty of World Cup disappointments. They’ve lost in the finals three times. This year, the Dutch face a stronger than they look Group A opponent in Senegal. The Netherlands must also beat home nation Qatar and Ecuador. 

Beating Ecuador is not a sure thing. The Ecuadorians routinely face Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil.  

Final Analysis – Netherlands should win Group A

Although the Netherlands have suffered disappointment after disappointment, it may all come together at this year’s World Cup. Van Djik, the Netherland’s captain, controls the back as well as any player in the world.

If the two de Jong’s and Depay can get something going, who knows? Instead of Belgium or Portugal, the Netherlands might be the +1200 squad that becomes the ninth nation to win a World Cup.

No matter what happens after group play, the Netherlands are a lock to win Group A. Senegal is a solid club, but Qatar is only in this because they’re the host nation. Ecuador can cause waves, but they shouldn’t challenge the Dutch. 

The Netherlands move to the Round of 16 for sure. Then if Van Djik can get the team to step it up in the attack, the Dutch can go all the way to the finals.   


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